3 Real Estate SEO Moves That Can Take Your Website On Top

Real estate is one of the highly competitive markets, especially in major cities. With the increasing number of online shoppers, the way realtors deal has also changed. Today you’ll find thousands of websites dealing in various real estate. And everyone is trying their best to sell their property. But not every real estate website becomes a favorite choice of people. 

One of the major factors that determine the success of your real estate website is its visibility. And it’s also the biggest reason why many realtors got to taste failures. If your audience doesn’t even know if the property you are trying to sell even exists, how would your sales increase? How frequent it appears in your target audience’s SERPs is what decides your property’s future. And today, every real estate is trying its best to increase its real estate’s visibility and thus boost sales.

SEO allows you to outshine your competition. It allows your site to look useful in the eyes of google crawlers and thus rank on the front page of your target audience’s SERP. Once your real estate website is on the first page, your sales will increase rapidly. But for that, you first need to edit your website. Below we have given our top expert tips to improve your real estate website to make it SEO-friendly.

#1 SEO Audit

The step to improve the SEO of your real estate website starts with an SEO Audit. It helps to figure out which web pages are doing well and which are not. And among the bad pages- it identifies the areas which need improvements. Although, an SEO audit is a very long and time-consuming process. But it is the best way to identify flaws in your website and helps to create an improvement list(Second tip) accordingly. Find the answers to the following questions.

  • Does your website rank locally?
  • Is your site getting any organic traffic?
  • Are you converting your leads into clients?

And if the answer is NO, there are some reasons for it. And this audit will help you figure them out. Realtors these days don’t even have time to manage their websites. That’s why they hire real estate SEO services to manage it. If you don’t wish to hire them for the whole management, you can simply hire them for a little assistance. Ask them to guide you through the audit to avoid any kind of mistake. The audit focuses on key areas of websites that includes-

  1. Usability- Site speed, mobile-friendliness, Accessibility.
  2. Site Structure- Redirects, robots.txt, XML sitemap.
  3. Content- Structure, visual elements, keyword and link placement, duplicates, canonical tags, and redirects.
  4. Page Structure- Meta descriptions, Titles, alt tags, heading tags, and URLs.
  5. Links- Interlinking with other web pages on your website, Outbound, and inbound links, and broken links.

#2 Resolve The Issues- Hire SEO Agency

After you are done performing the SEO audit, it’s time to resolve the addressed issues. Identifying issues is an easy task. But when it comes to rectifying them, things can become complicated in no time. And believe us, if you made any mistake, it would adversely affect your website’s performance and, thus, its rank. That’s why we suggest you hire a real estate SEO consultant. They are experts in this field and will solve all your issues with complete professionalism. And also, they will analyze your website deeply. This means if somehow you missed analyzing any area or part of your website, they won’t. They will go deep, identify every error and resolve it competently.

#3 Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Do you know that more than half of the internet traffic, around 52%, comes from mobile devices? This simply means if you want to make your target audience and Google happy, your website must operate smoothly on mobile phones or tablets. When you are making your website mobile-friendly, focus on areas- 

  • Conversions
  • Responsive design
  • Hosting speed
  • Page speed
  • Homepage
  • Site search
  • Forms
  • Site navigation
  • Usability

As said many times in this article, if you don’t know how to optimize these areas, hire a real estate SEO company. A little investment towards the future of your real estate website isn’t bad. The reason why you should focus more on the above points is it affects your visibility. A good, perfectly designed website adjusts to any device’s screen automatically, offering the visitor a convenient user experience.

Here end the tips to improve a real estate website making it more SEO-friendly. Now we think you might plan to hire a real estate SEO agency. But hiring one isn’t as simple as it looks. There are so many agencies in the market offering SEO services. Out of them, it’s quite difficult to identify which one is right for you. Here are some tips that you follow to hire the right SEO agency. 

  • The first and most obvious thing to do is check the reviews of the agency. Among numerous real estate SEO companies, always choose the one with more positive reviews. 
  • Don’t forget to ensure the experience of the agency. The higher the experience, the better it is for you.

Final Words

Implement these changes as soon as possible. The more quickly you’ll make your website SEO-friendly, the better your website will perform in the long run. Your main focus should always be to increase your brand visibility and traffic on your store. And it can be done using real estate SEO. So what are you waiting for now? Hire real estate SEO experts for your website!

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