Moving House With Zero Waste: Is It Possible?

Hoping to have an eco-friendly move, but wondering if it can even be done? Don’t worry, it can. Here’s how…

Moving house with zero waste might seem like a pipe dream. It is a time that is all about stuff. Moving stuff, packing stuff, cleaning stuff – just, all of the stuff. 

With so much stuff it may feel impossible to keep things green, especially with so little time. The good news is, that having a zero waste move is possible. You can move house and keep your eco-credentials in tact! Yay! Here’s how:

Ditch The Chemicals

It is really easy to get chemical happy when you move house. Cleaning each and every item going into cheap self storage, going into your new house, going to the charity shop. Not to mention cleaning your old and new house top to bottom. To avoid all of those chemicals, and all of that waste, just make your own solutions up. It’s really easy, really cheap, and it’s so much better for the planet, and your health. 

Streamline Those Car Trips

Endless trips to the cheap self storage unit, to the new house, back to the old house, to the charity shop, to the tip – does it ever end? That is a lot of time spent driving, and a lot of fossil fuels burnt. Instead, try to streamline your trips. Plan one trip to each place if you can, with a bigger vehicle if needs be. With a little planning, this will be possible, keeping your fuel costs down and your emissions down too. 

Use Used Packaging

Try to calm down on the bubble wrap and packing tape, utilising used packaging as much as you can. Ask neighbours, friends and local supermarkets for used boxes you can have. Use newspapers, clean towels and sheets – anything you can find that will pad out your belongings. 


There is no point in moving items to your new house or cheap self storage unit if you don’t want them or need them. Have a big old declutter before the move to streamline your belongings. Try to avoid throwing items away by gifting them, selling them or upcycling them. 

Savvy Moving Options

If you are hiring a vehicle or working with an experienced moving company, try to look for companies that have the environment in mind. They might run deals where you can share a van or moving package with somebody else moving from the area on the same day. They might use electric vehicles, or have a recycling system for the boxes they use. Having a company that helps you be more eco-friendly takes a lot of the pressure from you. 

Vegan Fuelled

Having vegan snacks during your move to be more eco-friendly might seem like a bit of a reach. However, every little helps right? There are vegan meat sticks, vegan cheeses, crisps, milk drinks, proteins, yogurts – everything you can think of. Being vegan is thought to be good for the environment, even if it’s just some of the time. Why not green up your move with tasty treats and enjoy vegan food only for the day? 

The tips above are a great start when it comes to making your move more eco-friendly. With just a little effort, you can keep your belongings safe, your move streamlined and help the world just a little bit.

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