How To Add More Value To Your New Home Even Before You Move In

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life, and although you want to move right in and start enjoying your home, you also want to make sure the home retains its value, or that it improves in value over time. You would be surprised at how a few simple renovation projects you do before you even move in can improve the value of the home and make it more pleasant to live in. So here are a few value-adding projects that can make your new home even more valuable.

Change the Locks

When you buy a new home, the first thing you want to do is change the locks, and you want to use new state-of-the-art locking systems. Keep your family safe and make sure everything you put in your new home stays safe. Several people may have copies of the keys to your home. Think about it, there may be repair people, old renters, real estate people, and so on that have the keys, which is why the best way to keep your new home and your family safe is to change the locks. Check with your Tampa window companies to find an expert to come in and look at the window and door locks and replace them all.

When you replace the locks on your home, you secure it and make it safe again and you add value to your home. Buy state-of-the-art locks, keys, or entryway systems at your local hardware store.

New Paint

If the paint needs to be replaced, do it before you move in. Paint can be old and chipping. However, you may also want to repaint the house when you don’t like the color of the walls or the exterior. Doing it before you move in can be a great idea as the repairs will be done before moving your things into the home and will prevent damage to your items. Make sure you paint a week or two before moving in, as the fumes will dissipate by the time you move in.

Energy Efficient Windows

Call in one of the Tampa window companies to inspect window panes and ensure they are energy efficient. The last thing you want to do at this point is to pay excessively high energy bills. A window expert can make sure that the house has double window panes and that the windows are sealed correctly.

Home Security Issues

One of the most critical home renovations you must think about is home security. Think about adding cameras or an alarm system. These devices can help protect your home and make it harder for burglars to get in. Besides, getting more home security, these devices can help you reduce your home insurance costs because your home will be less of a risk.

Some of the virtual security devices are:

  • Cameras
  • Police connection devices
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire Alarms
  • Pin code security

Check The Fence

Consider the fence and whether you need one around the perimeter of the property, or in the backyard, or even towards the house’s front. Fences are vital if you have a family, pets, or children. The wall or fence will keep your pets safe within the confines of your home. If the new home needs a fence, it’s best to get it done before you move in. Be sure to check with your city to ensure you have all of the permits you might need.

Fix Plumbing or Electric Issues

You probably had a home inspection before you bought the house. Still, this may not be enough to guarantee there are no electric or plumbing issues. It is vital that you check your electrical system for your home. It is critical to have the electric fixtures and wiring checked before a problem can cause an electrical fire. Fix anything that needs fixing. Change light bulbs, match fixtures, and so on before you move in.

Do the same for any plumbing issues. Check for leaks in pipes and inspect the gutters. You want to check for damaged pipes or anything that could hurt your plumbing system. A leak could cause a lot of damage, and you want an excellent plumber to check the design and make any necessary repairs.

Fix Flooring and Carpets

You may never get a chance to see the floors empty. So before you move in, be sure to inspect and repair or replace flooring in the areas that need renovating.

Upgrade or Replace Closet Shelves

The first thing you fill in a new home in your closet. So before you put anything in them, install shelving and modern fixtures. Make these areas beautiful so you can organize and store all of your personal belongings.

Remove Popcorn Style Ceilings or Textured Walls

Popcorn-style gesso or wall finishes were very popular in the 1990s. But textured walls and ceilings are now out of style. They can be ugly, but more importantly, they can hide asbestos finishes, so you want to make sure these come out before you move in. Besides, removing wall texture can be very messy, and it’s always best to do this type of renovation while no one is in the home.

Roof Repair

Be sure to call in a roofing expert to have the home inspected for roof damage. Leaks can hurt your home, and you want to get these fixed before they let humidity and mold come into the house and rot out the framing.

In Conclusion

A new home is the most significant investment you may ever make in your life. It is exciting, and when you complete the transaction, you want to move in right away, but you also want to retain or improve the value of your home. It is always best to get the details, and the small renovations are done before you move into the house. It can protect the kids, your pets and keep you from getting annoyed at all the small details that need to be completed. You want to make your home the safest place to be for you and your family.

You also want everything to be attractive and pleasant, so you want to make your new home as modern and as lovely as you can before you move in. It makes your life and your home so much easier to enjoy.

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