Best ways to strengthen your IT operations

Although less than 50 years ago, computers and data-driven business were still a far-off prospect, now IT is the centre of business operations – from emails to research to graphic design, so many vital elements of business are now inherently tied to computers. So, it’s of vital importance that your IT systems are as strong as they can be – but what are some of the best ways to optimise them?

Continuous performance testing

By implementing continuous performance testing, you will be able to troubleshoot IT issues before they arise, which is a distinct advantage over the approve of scheduled tests and spot-checking. Instead of needing your IT team to put out fires after the problem has already happened, you can nip issues in the bud and keep things running smoothly and consistently. This approach also fosters an atmosphere of continuous development improvement , where the team feels motivated to stay ahead of the game and are enabled to perform to the best of their ability.

Update your CMS

Every business needs a functional CMS but few realise just how important it is. While you might think you’re getting by alright using the same system you’ve had since 2015, you’d be surprised how much your IT operations could speed up by modernising. Ensuring a slick and easy login system, intuitive file organisation and streamlined client communication can prevent many IT issues from arising in the first place. When your employees have to spend less time trying to navigate a clunky and outdated system, they have more time to spend focusing on growing your business. You may have to implement a few training sessions for a new CMS to get off the ground, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Provide basic IT training

Although the vast majority of employees are highly tech-literate in the information age, studies have actually shown that the younger generations are likely to be less well-versed in the actual workings of computers than the workforce a generation ahead of them; this is because they’ve grown up with technology designed to be so intuitive to navigate, there’s little call to understand it’s inner workings. While this is overall a good thing as it means they can navigate the technological world like a fish in water, it also means they’re poorly placed to respond to technological problems. Giving all new employees basic IT training so they can troubleshoot basic issues themselves will save the IT team a lot of time and effort.

So there you have it, from implementing the right testing approach to ensuring your whole workforce is IT literate, these are some simple strategies you can implement today to strengthen your IT operations.

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