Workiz Service Dispatch Software

One part of the home service business is everyday communication. The way your business deals with your clients’ calls can either bring you more clients, or lose the ones you already have.

Most clients end doing business with some organization due to poor customer service experience. Delayed services, long hold times, or technicians arriving late – are just a few examples of poor customer practices.

When looking for a service provider, many people don’t mind paying more for a service if they have a better customer experience. But one thing to keep in mind is that customer service doesn’t only depend on your technicians; your dispatcher plays a crucial role as well.  

Having the right dispatch software is crucial to getting excellent customer feedback and rates, no matter the stage of the job cycle.  

But which service dispatch software is the right one?

In this post, we bring you one of the best-rated service dispatch software solutions, and why you should consider getting this one for your business.


Workiz Dispatch Software

Workiz dispatch software is a solution that manages your inventory or checks whether you have enough supplies, helps track equipment and trucks on the sites, assigns technicians to booked jobs, and schedules future appointments.

With this software, dispatchers are enabled to easily finish all their tasks. Having this software means no more cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork, which leaves more time to make better decisions more quickly and thus be more efficient. Dispatchers can track each appointment, assigned technicians, and if they’re able to come to their client on time.

Workiz Dispatch Software and how does it work

Workiz Dispatch Software gathers a huge number of data about your business. When a client books your service, the software appoints all client data to the job. Dispatchers are then able to see the exact type of service the client needs; and in case it is an old client, data about the technician who provided service before is displayed.

The software enables dispatchers to access the address of the booked job, and plenty of other information that can help determine the best technician for that job.

The software also enables seeing the current location of technicians in the field. Workiz dispatch software also empowers dispatchers to receive and send updates via text messages to clients, to inform them of the job progress, delays, or some other information such as rescheduling.

Workiz dispatch software solution also offers a mobile app, so your technicians can connect with the dispatch software for more efficient management of job cycles.

Your dispatchers are not only able to inform technicians on job details, delays, forthcoming breaks, and other useful information – but also see the progress of a job cycle to help plan future jobs for technicians, or inform clients of possible delays or rescheduling where needed.

Workiz Dispatch Software Features

Workiz dispatch software offers features that help you save time and make complicated tasks easy.

Some of the other features include:

  • An easy drag-and-drop scheduling.
  • Colored job categories for better visualization.
  • Intuitive click-and-drag job duration adjustment.
  • Right-click flyout menu to access crucial information.

This convenient dispatcher software solution empowers your dispatchers to make better strategies and decisions, that lead to fewer mistakes, profitable schedules and also helps you improve your client satisfaction rate as they’re notified about all possible changes in the job cycle.

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