Upgrade Your Home Décor With Murano Glass Sculpture and Figurines

It is only in magazines that we see homes designed with sculpture. Most of our homes or friends’ homes do not have sculptures. The reason is that a lot of people do not consider sculpture as important in home décor. They see it as not too arty and don`t know how to fix it into their homes.

Sculpture may be too showy or too much for a regular interior design.  However, you can always keep it simple when you use a sculpture for your home décor. Sculpture as part of your interior decoration says a lot about your flair and personality. The options of styles for home décor sculpture are classical, modern, imaginative, realist, and simple. They are created by the artists to fit your home décor as focal points and highlights. Don’t be limited by different styles brands. You can always use combination designs for your interior décor. You can mix classical and modern, or others together. An example is the classic torso style.

Murano glass sculpture and figurines

Murano glass sculpture and figurines can give a touch of colour and style to any room in your house and perhaps illuminate your office space. You can try to decorate your home or office space with these genuine works of art. It also speaks volumes for a custom and unique interior décor. Order from Original Murano Glass OMG® Murano glass sculpture or figurines suitable for the design of your space.

There are minimalist styles of Murano glass abstract sculpture and figurines with different glass animals that are perfect for a highlight interior home or office decoration. 

Rustic chic style

If you prefer an eastern style or a rustic-inspired style, Asian sculpture can fit perfectly. The white bust is a suitable complement to an array of avant-garde adornments like bells, candles, and vessels. The rustic wall art also goes together with the white bust and is also pleasant with a modern sculpture. Sculpture is an excellent opportunity to bring some fancies to your home. Whether they are amusing or beautiful, you would always take a second look and smile each time you sight them. The provocative ones can be an element of entertainment and conversation for your visitors. Most times, sculptures show your childhood or personal interests.

Regardless of why you choose a sculpture, it does more than enhancing your space. It is an artwork that should communicate to you, either for nostalgia, gladness, or more scholarly purpose.

Rococo style

Rococo style enthusiasts can embrace various sculptural designs like sculptural furniture. In contrast to the preceding and heightened baroque style, this Murano glass sculpture and figurines contains many leaves and flower themes, with a light and a feminine appearance. However, these Murano glass sculptures and figurines also contain lots of gold, flowers, and figures that provide some extravagant sculptural design to your space.

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