Portable Power for Any Occasion

If you are a frequent camper, you know how important it is to always have a power backup with you in case you need it. Portable power makes it easy for you to keep your devices on and connected when you are out in the woods camping, or if you experience a power outage at your home. 

With a Patriot Power Cell you can keep your electronic devices on when you have no power. They are conveniently pocket-sized making them easy to travel along with you every day, when you are camping, or in the event of a blackout.

Each panel has two USB ports to charge two devices at the same time. It is also designed to repel water and protect against drops of rain. There is also a built-in flashlight to help you see in the dark.

Easy to Use

There is a convenient LED light that shows you how much power you have left in your power cell. Each light marks 25% of the battery’s capacity. When all four lights are lit, you have a full charge. Each time a blue light goes out, your battery goes down 25%.


Each panel is powered by a lithium-polymer battery that stores 8,000 mAh. With one charge, a single panel can recharge one smartphone up to six times depending on the model of the phone. 

Charge With the Sun

Each panel unit features a 5-inch solar panel built directly into the unit. This makes them perfect for use when you are out of electricity. If you do have technology, you can recharge your Patriot Power Cell by plugging it in into any USB port.

Works for Any USB Device

You don’t need to purchase any extra cords for this panel to be able to work for your devices. As long as your device uses a USB charging cable, you can plug it into one of these panels. You can even use the power cord that came with your device to charge it with these panels.


The lithium-polymer battery inside these tiny panels passes the TSA regulations for carry-on batteries, meaning you can take it with you when you travel. It is also extremely reliable and dependable. You can charge it all the way up and drain it all the way down around 500 times. That equals out to roughly 5 years of use.


The Patriot Power Cell has so many different uses. It is extremely handy to have with you at all times especially if you are camping or traveling. It is also useful to keep in your glove box, at sporting events, and in your home. One of these nifty panels would make a great gift for those in your life as well.


If you have had an incident in the past where your power goes out unexpectedly and your phone suddenly dies, or you go camping and didn’t think of a way to charge your phone, a Patriot Power Cell is exactly what you need in your life.

These pocket-sized panels are the perfect way to charge up your devices when you don’t have any power to do so. This means you can keep your phone powered up during a rough storm that knocks your power out and easily keep in touch with others to let them know you are safe. 

Easily charge up these devices with solar power or a USB connection. They hold power for a long time and are great for emergencies. You can rest easy knowing you will always be able to keep your devices charged no matter what the situation may be. 

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