QNET Receives Four Honors at the AVA Digital Awards

Every year, the AVA Digital Awards recognize creative professionals involved in the conception, direction, design, and production of media as part of the digital communication revolution. This includes those involved in digital campaigns, audio and visual production, website development, social media management, mobile marketing, and more.

Founded in 1994, the AVA Digital Awards celebrate professionals in the audio-visual arts. Over the years, the competition has expanded its categories to include those involved in transferring information through digital media and the internet. This year’s winners were announced on February 1, 2021. After reviewing thousands of entries worldwide, judges selected winners in more than 200 categories related to audio, video, and web-based production.

QNET is Asia’s leading e-commerce-based, direct-selling company, which offers a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. The company is being recognized by the AVA Digital Awards for its excellence in creative production. Competing against thousands of other organizations, QNET walks away with three trophies and one honorable mention.

“Live Your Best Life with QNET”

QNET entry “Live Your Best Life with QNET” is a platinum winner in the digital marketing/content marketing/YouTube marketing video category.

“Live Your Best Life with QNET” received the highest-ranking award for its visuals and motivational soundtrack. The video opens with immense intensity. It explains what QNET is all about and maintains the audience’s attention through techno music and captivating visuals outlining QNET events and the various products that the company offers.

The video captures the essence of QNET’s business model – selling great products to those who want to live a healthy, holistic life and providing a fantastic business opportunity that helps individuals live life on their terms.

“QNET Gives Back to Communities Through RYTHM Foundation”

QNET entry “QNET Gives Back to Communities Through RYTHM Foundation” earned gold winner status in the video production/long form video/corporate image category.

“QNET Gives Back to Communities Through RYTHM Foundation” explores QNET’s social impact initiative – the RYTHM Foundation. The Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM) Foundation is built on the principles of empowerment, volunteerism, and resilience. The organization is dedicated to investing in education, gender equality, and sustainable development in various communities.

The video outlines the difference that RYTHM has been making in people’s lives since its inception and provides a visual display of the organization’s actions and contributions:

Since 2005, working with more than 115 partner organizations in southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and Sub-Saharan Africa, the foundation has impacted the lives of more than 50,000 people, including children and adolescent girls from vulnerable communities in many developing countries. Since its inception, the RYTHM Foundation has completed more than 50 sustainable community projects in more than 40 locations around the world. The foundation is the corporate heartbeat of the company, guided by the values of our founders and driven by the passion of our network and employees. The RYTHM Foundation strives to empower people to take charge of their lives and realize their dreams. The foundation works with vulnerable communities around the world in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

The video’s creative production allowed the audience to connect with the foundation, understand the importance of giving back within the QNET community, and feel the impact that RYTHM has had on those it serves. 

“The Difference Between Direct Selling and Pyramid Scheme”

QNET entry “The Difference Between Direct Selling and Pyramid Scheme” earned gold winner status in the digital video creation/whiteboard video category.

Those who are drawn to direct selling may be confronted with conflicting information about the platform’s legitimacy. However, they may not understand that direct selling and pyramid schemes are not the same thing.

In “The Difference Between Direct Selling and Pyramid Scheme,” QNET takes an educational approach to differentiate between these two concepts. The company put together a guide to help audience members understand the direct-selling industry and how to identify a scam. In the end, the video provides a clear answer to the question, “Is QNET a genuine company?”

To start, the video defines “direct selling” – an original social networking business model – and provides the basic principles behind it. QNET lends credibility to direct selling by referencing the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and outlining the history of the business model. In the video, the company also explains how someone can tell the difference between the two models. QNET references interviews with various professionals, including Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Bill Clinton, to provide further insight on the topic.

QNET’s use of animated characters intertwined with informative text creates an easy-to-follow and understandable video that describes the vast differences between direct selling and a pyramid scheme.

“QNET Comes Together for the Tomorrow”

QNET entry “QNET Comes Together for the Tomorrow” earned an honorable mention in the digital marketing/COVID-19 digital response category.

Simple yet captivating, “QNET Comes Together for Tomorrow” salutes those who have risked their lives in the face of COVID-19, thanking them for their extraordinary courage, selflessness, and sacrifice. The video tugs at the heartstrings of audience members by combining an emotional score with photographs of those who have helped keep humanity alive worldwide. The message is clear: “Let us continue to be the force of positivity that brings hope to the world. Let us believe that, together, we will build a better tomorrow.”

QNET’s ongoing commitment to helping individuals build their success and serve communities worldwide is the underlying message in each video production. Creativity, partnered with honesty and transparency, is the base of everything that QNET does. The team’s dedication to this mission has earned it well-deserved recognition at the AVA Digital Awards.

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