Why You Should Consider Medical Detox Over DIY Substance Use Detox

Sometimes, our bodies become over-dependent on various substances such as alcohol and other drugs. We try to quit the addiction, but it becomes very challenging. We later start some self-withdrawal, which leads to changes in our physical appearance, psychology, and behavior. Sometimes, self-withdrawal becomes very dangerous to the extent of threatening our wellbeing.

However, there is a better way of dealing with such problems, and that is by seeking medical help. Medical detoxification provides you with a safe condition for withdrawal from substance abuse and addiction under medical control.

Even under medical supervision, you may still experience various withdrawal symptoms during detox, such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Shaking
  • Depression
  • Sweating
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting

The symptoms are normal, and there is no need to panic if you experience any of the above. But for your peace of mind, you can get support and assistance at Gallus Medical Detox Centers. The professionals at a place like this will ensure you detox safely and comfortably while making sure any withdrawal symptoms are handled promptly.

Steps Used In Medical Detox

There are various steps doctors use in the process of detoxification. The steps include:

Evaluation: This is the first step of detoxification, and your doctor tries to determine the kind of medical detox you need.He/she examines and checks your pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature. They also ask you questions to acknowledge the type/ kind of substance you are addicted to and any other health issue you possess. 

Stabilization: Normally, the doctor administers your medication or other care types that assist you through your withdrawal journey. Sometimes, they put you under watch to ensure that you are safe and do not undergo any problems during the withdrawal phase.

Preparation of substance use treatment: After the first two steps, the doctor provides you with information regarding your substance abuse treatment. Sometimes, if the case is very serious, you may end up being referred to a better treatment program.

But why should you undergo further treatment? Well, detox hardly stops addiction but rather helps you to go through withdrawal.

Benefits of Medical Detox

As earlier mentioned, you can choose to detox yourself without consulting a doctor, but you may not be able to deal with the withdrawal symptoms appropriately. That is why you need medical detox and, in this case, we shall delve into the benefits of medical detox.

Control: When you enroll in medical detox, your doctor always checks up on you to see if you are doing well.

Habituations: If your doctors see the need for adjusting your medical condition, they can easily and quickly do so since they have a record of your withdrawal process. If need be, your doctor can customize your treatment in no time.

Safety: Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening in long-term dependency situations. In such cases, it is wise to be under a doctor’s supervision for your protection.

Increases your recovery chances: When your doctors put you under a detox facility, you can easily get clean and set a good base for your future recovery.

Less painful: Withdrawal can be painful, and doctors understand this. When you are in medical detox, you are given medicines that reduce withdrawal symptoms, reducing the painful side-effects.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Medical detoxification duration varies from person to person depending on

  • Your addiction length
  • Co-existing conditions/disorders
  • The intensity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Length of drug abuse
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Multiple substances used
  • Underlying medical history

Generally, it can take you days, weeks, or even months to detox. Otherwise, it should last as long as you need it to reach an addiction-free state. Medical detox is the best way to withdraw from substance abuse or long-term addiction. It is the first step towards your recovery journey.

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