5 Tips for Storing Your Gun

When you have firearms in your home, it’s important to properly store the guns to ensure they’re out of reach and are in a safe and secure place. Locking up your firearms is crucial to avoid accidents and to prevent the guns from getting into the wrong hands. If you want to learn how to store your gun, there are a few important tips to follow.

1. Use a Gun Case

Gun cases are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of guns. They often include padded fabric sleeves, along with foam-lined plastic containers, in various price points. Gun cases protect the firearms from damage or wear when they’re not in use and come with a sturdy lock to prevent the wrong person from accessing the weapon. They’re an ideal option if you plan to travel with your gun while you’re on the go. They offer a higher level of security and safety instead of placing your gun on a shelf or in a drawer, especially if you have other residents in the home.

2. Purchase Trigger Locks

You can obtain a trigger lock from the manufacturer or a dealer to prevent the trigger from being manipulated. They’re an effective and affordable product to use to prevent an unauthorized person from loading the gun.

Ordinary padlocks also work just as well on the backside of the trigger and the trigger guard. They’re affordable and easy to secure in seconds.

3. Use a Safe

You can also rely on steel safe for storing a gun to secure it in a locked container. Gun safes come with a long list of features, depending on how much accommodation you’re seeking. The racks and fabric linings can prevent scratches or scuffs from forming on the outside of the gun to keep it in better shape over time. Long guns should be stored in safes to prevent them from having contact with one another.

Safes are also useful for protecting the gun in the event of a fire or flood and can withstand the elements. You can protect your firearm from damage by keeping it in a safe to ensure it can continue to be used if there’s an accident or natural disaster in the home.

When selecting a safe, consider the thickness of the steel shell and door to prevent it from becoming damaged or easy to break into for an intruder in the home. The fire rating will also offer insight into the protection offered in high temperatures if there’s ever a fire.

4. Pretreat the Firearms

For long-term storage, pretreating the firearms includes breaking down the guns as much as possible and keeping the gun decocked. You also need to clean all of the parts of the gun while thoroughly cleaning out the bore. Complete the process by treating wood stocks with wax, which will prevent the parts from cracking or swelling over time.

5. Use Gun Storage Bags

Gun storage bags are useful for preventing the gun from having contact with moisture. They also protect the firearm from dust, which will prevent grime from accumulating in any of the parts when it’s not in use.

Knowing the best ways to store your gun and the top products available in the industry can allow you to find the best ways of keeping your weapons safe and secure when they’re stored away. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re the only one capable of accessing the firearms while protecting their quality and finish for added longevity.

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