What Do the Best Resumes Have in Common?

Making a great first impression depends on the quality of your resume. In fact, it matters much more than you might expect. If you want to have the greatest odds, the following tweaks will improve your chances. Most experts believe the best resumes share several key commonalities.

Key Traits of Outstanding Resumes

  • Clear and Concise Language Selection
  • Avoids Rambling
  • Only the Most Relevant Information Is Included
  • Custom-tailored for the Specific Position

Create a Portrait of Your Achievements

Most of the time, resumes should be short. Occasionally, it will help to include additional information. However, for the most part, you want to include your highlights. The interview will give you a chance to elaborate on anything that catches the eye.

Avoiding Blending With the Crowd:

Most job applicants will have similar resume material. Nevertheless, the way you present your information makes a substantial difference. Resumes are all about perception. If you can differentiate yourself from the crowd, you are already halfway there.

Speak With Actions and Stats:

Writing an essay using vague platitudes is a cakewalk. Most recruiters can identify those from a distance. On the other hand, action words and statistics draw attention. If possible, illustrate all of your examples using them.

Speak With a Direct Voice

Remember, different writing styles exist for a reason. You should use one appropriate for your purpose. For example, suppose you are interviewing for a corporate leadership role. Then, you’ll want to speak directly to the people most likely to read the resume. As you gain industry experience, you’ll adapt unconsciously.

Verb Choice Is Significant:

Language is composed of many different parts. Typically, we think of the subjects as the most important aspect of a sentence. However, in resumes, This is not the same. Instead, verbs will play the dominant role.

Keep Things Concise:

Needless elaboration is a major time waster. If your recruiter feels bored while they are reading your resume, you did something wrong. An easy way to write compelling content is by reducing the fluff. Most of the time, we can rephrase our sentences to use fewer words.

Resist the Temptation of the List

Lists are a great way to organize your thinking. On the Internet, you find them all over the place. Nevertheless, you want to fit everything on one page. When you are writing a resume, lists encourage overcrowding.

Lists Encourage Needless Elaboration:

In some instances, a list might serve a good purpose. However, try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. That way, you don’t fill the page with meaningless content.

In Specific Instances, They Make Sense:

Suppose you have multiple degrees. In that case, using a list might save space. Otherwise, find a way to include that information more efficiently.

Language Is Tailored for the Application

Knowing your audience is an incredible talent. Although many professionals won’t admit it, it’s applicable in all domains of life. Generally, you can divide resumes into several broad categories. A professional resume cv will use different communication techniques than other styles of writing such as academic or financial resumes.

Common Styles to Understand

  • Professional: Resumes that you send to apply for job openings.
  • Academic: Resumes or curriculum vitae that you submit to university positions.
  • Financial: Sometimes, financial institutions require you to submit a resume.

Specific Industries Expect Certain Language Styles

Cultures vary depending on the industry. One effect of this is a variation in language. Sure, everyone still speaks English. However, they might select slightly different words.

Use Relevant Jargon Sparingly:

Jargon refers to specific vocabulary that is only relevant in a professional field. Most fields have some. If you are applying for a particular position, it can help demonstrate competency.  On the other hand, misuse of industry jargon is an application killer.  If you use jargon, make sure it is used correctly and appropriately.

Avoid Complex Vocabulary

The grade level of your writing should be lower than you might guess. Resumes need to be as easy to read as possible. If they are not, people will not take the trouble to finish reading. Ultimately, you want anyone who picks yours up to finish it.

Understable Language Avoids Misunderstandings:

Perhaps, Clear communication is one of the most common issues facing writers. The simpler your language, the less room there is for miscommunication. By writing concisely, your audience follows your train of thought.

Formatting Tips for an Outstanding Resume

Presentation is also about aesthetics. Suppose you have two versions of the same resumes sitting on your desk. Which would you be more likely to choose? Let’s say one of them looked like a standard legal brief, black and white. On the other hand, you have one with an elegant color palette.

Draw the Attention to the Most Pertinent Information First:

Depending on the industry, you will have more or less latitude. Sometimes, you do need to be a conformist. However, creativity is almost always a great way to shine. Use your format choices to draw attention to pertinent information. That way, there is a logical flow to the page layout.

Understandable Headers With a Logical Flow

Well-designed material guides the reader through in an organized manner. Typically, we would call this flow. You can learn how to create this sensation. Practice writing. Then, edit the content accordingly.

Headers Should Vary in Size and Font:

The larger the heading, the more important the information. Different fonts can also be used to categorize things. Humans are highly visual. Therefore, these cues can be incredibly effective.

Comprehensible Grammartic Structure

Consider, for a moment, the average reader. Most of the time, when they read, they are looking at a screen. What does that tell us?

Scanability Is King:

The more elaborate your writing it, the fewer people can scan it. Scannable writing is the secret ingredient of phenomenal resume material.

Building the Best Resume for Absolute Newcomers

Before you submit anything, proofread your writing. If you do not, you will miss grammatical errors. It may not seem like a huge deal. Nevertheless, enough of them will make anyone look like an amateur. Plus, it is a quick fix. Simply, read through everything out loud. You will detect errors with ease this way.

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