Steven Varanko III – Eco Grants Which Can Make Your Lives Greener

As the great Steven Varanko III has been telling us for many years, we have to do all that we can to make our homes greener. To this end, homeowners can count on a variety of funding options which can help to lighten the load.

Making the switch to a greener lifestyle is not as difficult as many believe and there are some very small tweaks and changes which you can make around the home that will have a lasting impact. Beyond this there are some fantastic incentives which can help you to make some bolder and far more effective changes in your life and to your property, to further help the planet. There is a great amount of people who aren’t aware of such incentives and grants offered by the UK government, which we can all use to live greener lifestyles. A recent survey  indicated that over 25% of people had no idea that these grants existed, which is why think that now is the perfect time to discuss them further.

Green Homes Grant

Under this scheme, launched in September of this year, homeowners can count on a voucher of up to £10,000 from the UK government to support with the installation of energy saving equipment in the home. From solar panels to modern biomass boilers, there are a number of installations which these vouchers can be used for.

Renewable Heat Incentive

This particular government program looks to inspire homeowners to look into the benefits of renewable heating tech in the home. The scheme pays out quarterly to those homeowners who have integrated thermal solar panels in the home, ground to water heat pumps and other renewable heating tech in the home. This is a new scheme and the deadline for applications is the end of March 2021.

Plug-in Car Grant

This incentive was actually introduced back in 2011 but since then has been reimagined and updated. This grant is for any person who buys a zero-emissions vehicle, and they can receive either a great of £3,000 on the vehicle or an amount up to 35% of the vehicle cost, whichever happens to be lower. Incredibly there are over 200,000 who have already benefited from this offer.

Energy Company Obligation

This government scheme looks to push energy providers into giving out grants to those living on low income or in properties which are not energy efficient. Launched back in 2013 the aim of this great in particular is to get those properties up to speed thanks to grants being handed out for cavity wall and and loft insulation, not to mention central heating upgrades in those properties and boiler replacements.

As you can see there really is a range of grants which can help you to live greener, without having to foot the entire bill on your own. Make your application and make that change to support a greener world that we can all enjoy.

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