4 Tech Upgrades for Locks and Security in NYC

Want to replace your old locks with a new, advanced and secure lock system? Are you looking for the best options in the market? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have handpicked the best options for you!

Locks in the past differed in their materials and locking mechanisms.. But the locking systems today have become much advanced. Locks which we only saw in science fiction movies are a reality today, all thanks to technology. These latest locking systems are easier to use, provide more security, and look futuristic. Four of the coolest tech upgrades for locks and security available to use in New York City are as follows:

  1. Passcode Locks:

As the name suggests, passcode locks require a password to unlock. This password can be numeric or alphabetic, depending on the user. These locks are perfect for offices and buildings where many people need to enter. There is no need to provide all these users with keys as they can unlock using the passcode. 

Passcode locks are also difficult to break and ensure the security of the users. The users can only enter the door by entering the right passcode; otherwise, the door remains locked. These locks are also not connected to the internet, so they are tough to hack. The user admin of such locks can change the password as many times as they like. Passcode locks are one of the most secure locks in the market.

2. Smart locks:

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. We carry them everywhere and use them for many tasks. What if you can unlock your door using your smartphone? Yes, smart locks are a thing these days. You can either unlock them using your smartphone’s Bluetooth or using your home’s Wi-Fi. 

Moreover, some smart locks can even unlock themselves if they detect the presence of your smartphone nearby. These locks are called proximity locks. Whenever you are near the door with a smart lock, these locks will unlock automatically. You will not even need to open your smartphone and unlock it manually. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

However, one issue with such locks is that hacking them is possible. Yes, high tech thieves can unlock your smart lock using special devices, like in movies. So, we recommend that you not install such locks in rooms with highly sensitive documents and costly items. 

3. Card locks:

Yes, you can install those card locks you see in hotels and motels on your doors—no need to carry a steel key with you when you can carry a card in your wallet. Just scan your card on your door, and the door opens majestically. These locks scan a complex code stored in such cards. If the code is right, the door opens itself. 

You also do not need to take your card key out of your wallet. Just touch your wallet to the card scanner, and your door will open. The door will then automatically lock itself behind you. These kinds of locks are very easy to use and require minimum effort.

4. Biometric Locks:

Biometric locks are the most secure locks in the market. These locks require your fingerprint, retina, face, or voice scan to unlock. It means that no one except those registered in the lock’s database will ever be able to open such locks. These doors do not need a key because the person itself is the key.

These locks are very secure because it is nearly impossible to replicate a person’s fingerprint, retina, face, or voice. Only those people registered in the database can bypass these locks. These locks are the best to protect highly sensitive documents and costly items. 

However, such lock systems are more expensive than all other locks mentioned in this list. 

Conclusion If you are looking to find the best replacement for your security system then these high-tech locks are the best options out there. They provide advanced security with ease of use. You will forget about carrying a key when leaving your home if you install them. Make your lives easier by contacting Bronx locksmith service for the best home and office lock service.

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