Tips for Choosing a First School for your Child

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If your son or daughter is rapidly approaching pre-school age, your thoughts must turn to schooling and it is worth noting that every school is unique in the way it delivers learning, therefore your choice should be an informed one. Regardless of which country, a school must by law, follow their national curriculum, although they do have the freedom in how the curriculum is delivered, which is an important aspect.

Here are a few tips when looking at potential schools for your child’s introduction to formal schooling.

  • K-12 Education – We all know how traumatic it can be to have to leave your school, move to a new area and start at a strange school where you know no one. Choosing a top-rated school such as St Andrews School in Thailand means that your child can stay at one school to complete their 12 years of formal instruction. K-12 schools are becoming more popular for this very reason and with no interruptions, your child’s academic education can flourish.
  • Fun-Based Learning – The global belief is that learning should be fun and if it isn’t, this will affect the learning outcomes, so look for a pre-school that focuses on fun-based activities, such as art and movement. If you book a tour with the school principal, you can observe some classes and see how the children are enjoying the activities.
  • Safe & Secure – Of course, you want your child to be learning in a safe and secure environment, one with all the right learning resources, with qualified teachers who allow the children to explore in safety. CCTV should be widely in use, and visitors strictly monitored, while the grounds would be suitable for outdoor play and activities. Click here for more tips on choosing the right school for your child.
  • Inclusive Education – School should teach children a lot more than academic subjects, there should be an equal rights approach that recognises the uniqueness in people and sound moral ethics would be role modelled by the teachers and staff. Children should be raised in a loving environment with no prejudices, where every person’s opinion matters and this should be evident when observing activities.
  • Avoid Long Distance Travel – While you are trying to find the best school for your child, this should not be at the cost of travelling long distances every day. As a general rule, your child should not be in a vehicle for longer than 30 minutes, which means an hour per day. Of course, many schools have a minivan school bus, which is great if you are always working.
  • English Language – If your child is a native English speaker, then disregard this point, however, if English is a second language for your child, you must enrol them in a school where English is the primary language of instruction. A Thai student, for example, would enter a K-12 international school and be fluent by Grade 10, and languages are easily picked up by young minds, especially when the target language is used at school. Here is some information about the UK’s National Curriculum, which is worth a read.

The choice you make will have a bearing on your child’s education, so do spend time considering all of the options each school offers, then you should be in a position to make an informed decision.

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