Elias Landsmanas Tips for a Circular Economy

Elias Lansmanas is the Director of Corporativo Kosmos. Corporativo Kosmos is one of the most well-known food service providers in Mexico and one of the largest companies in the country. Lansmanas also oversees the Pablo Lansmanas Foundation which was named after his father. The foundation is a philanthropic organization that provides support to people in the country. Some of the initiatives the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation contributes to include helping people who are vulnerable in society, such as teenage mothers, abandoned children, and those who suffer from the disease of addiction. 

Through his various philanthropic practices and businesses, Elias Lansmanas has become a champion of sustainability and the circular economy. Through his work to develop new programs that aid the underprivileged while propelling a healthier future for the environment, Lansmanas has made a positive impact on those in his area and the world at large. He seeks to contribute to better processes for social and environmental health, as well as to develop ideas and principles that contribute to a thriving economy for every person.

About the Circular Economy

The term “circular economy” is starting to be more widely used, but it’s not often defined. In the simplest of terms, the circular economy is a change in the way that we look at sustainability. In a linear economy, you would take a product from inception through the end of life. It doesn’t address what happens to the product once its usefulness is over. It only addresses the economic impact of the lifespan of the product. For instance, an electronic device might last for 10 years. In a linear economy, we look at the dollars that go into the economy from creating and selling the product and then replacing the product in a decade.

In a circular economy, there is no endpoint. Products are created with the concept that at the end of their usefulness, they can be recycled. The shift in this thought process can be massive, too. It’s not just about a single product, but the way that we view renewable energy, sustainability, and the ability to provide more resources to those who need them.

A circular economy is a way to develop and initiate new products and processes with the future in mind. While companies do need to consider the current environment and resources, they also need to plan ahead for what happens through each part of the journey for the products, environment, and people. This is a sustainable way to develop the economy because it seeks to preserve natural resources. At the same time, a circular economy needs to be concerned with the basic needs of society. There are cultural and social-economic considerations and there may also be overall political pressures on economic development.

There are many factors included in economic development as a whole. For measures to be truly circular, you’re seeking to make the lowest negative impact on the environment while benefitting the most people.

Elias Landsmanas’ Devotion to Sustainability

Elias Landsmanas is one of several business leaders in Mexico who has worked tirelessly to improve sustainability and to increase sustainable development in the market place. You can see some aspects of his commitment through initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals that seek to create a more equitable society in the next decade.

Because this company focuses on the food sector, they help with things like the Zero Hunger initiative that helps to choose suppliers and make sure that healthy food production systems are sustainable. These efforts include a reduction in food waste and improvements in production. Some of the goals in a circular economy focus on conservation and to help promote social change and development.

Elias Landsmanas and his business properties work toward the end goal of guaranteeing the quality and safety of the foods used in the food services industry. But the businesses also hold goals of sustainability as a high priority for the business processes, as well as their duty to create awareness about sustainability processes for their audience, the general population, and their own internal personnel.

Because there is such a culture of waste in the world, Lansmanas believes that building awareness is the first step in truly changing the tide to develop better processes and habits that will lend themselves to a better, healthier view of the environment and the way we produce our necessities.

Tips for the Circular Economy

The circular economy is largely about the way that companies design their processes and the end goals for their products. When products are designed to be sustainable, it means a lower impact on the environment and better resources for the people who live in the world. Government agencies around the world have developed regulatory requirements to help companies use best practices and to move toward more sustainable production activities. For instance, in Mexico, a recent restriction was enacted on single-use plastic in 2020. This is a huge issue because plastic is not biodegradable and it stays in the environment for a long time. It’s also used in many products, such as shopping bags, which are only used once and will end up in landfills. This measure seeks to ease the impact on the environment.

Every government makes its own regulatory rules, so some countries are less stringent than others. Companies should take some initiative to make sure that they are using the best practices for the environment, even if it’s above and beyond what their country regulates.

While companies do have a great deal of responsibility in these initiatives, the general public can also be helpful. People often contribute a great deal to the wastefulness in society and small tweaks can go a long way to lessening our negative impact on the environment.

Here are some tips to help with sustainability:

  • Electronic Devices Should Not Be Thrown Out. In some areas, electronic devices can be recycled. In other cases, you may be able to repair electronic devices so that they can still be used.
  • Donate Clothing. Clothing and home goods can often be donated or sold at second-hand shops. This reduces the stress on our landfills but it also makes items available for those who cannot afford the cost of new clothing and housewares. Many items are still in excellent condition second hand.
  • Be Conscious About Single-Use Items. Single-use items are things like plastic cups and plastic forks and spoons. Anything that you would use one time and throw away is a single-use item. These things are very bad for the environment and should be eliminated whenever possible.
  • Recycle. It’s important to be diligent about recycling. This reduces garbage waste and lessens the impact on the environment.
  • Use Energy Saving Measures at Home. Energy efficiency can save you money in your monthly bills and also lessens the impact on the environment. Some energy-saving measures you can invest in include solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and smart home systems that monitor things like the temperature and lights.

The four Rs can help you follow better energy savings protocols in your own life. They are: reduce, re-use, recycle, and recover. With some common sense and more concern for the environment, society will see a great improvement in the economy and our quality of life.


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