PDFBear Tools To Use: An Online Guide for Your PDF Files

In today’s world, PDF is the most commonly used type of file. PDF enables everyone to capture any given document to any application. Using PDF, we could avoid any common issues we face in any form, e.g., file formatting, viewing, and editing. Here, we will learn how to use the tools needed for a PDF File using PDFBear.

PDFBear is an online platform that allows us to merge, split, compress, convert PDF files to and from Word, XLS, PPT, and such. With PDFBear, we can use it anywhere and on any electronic device or platform, might it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. They also assure our file’s safety and security by deleting the files uploaded in their system after 60 minutes. Here are the tools available.

Merge PDF

Merge PDF means combining two or more files in one. Merging could locate our documents faster and easier, and it also gives us more storage space. It saves us time by sharing data with ease and printing all files in one. Also, It makes us more organized and could help avoid any possible conflicts that we might face, e.g., printing error.

PDFBear makes merging faster and easier. On how to merge PDF files, select or drag and drop the files that we want to merge, then PDFBear will turn the files into one. PDFBear also allows us to modify the files if necessary. When done, we can download it and save it to our disc or share it on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Split PDF

To split a PDF means to break apart a PDF document into several files. The advantages of splitting a PDF file are apparent; it makes a smaller size file and more comfortable to locate without navigating to a lot of bookmarks. By splitting a PDF file, you need to designate which page you want the split to occur.

PDF Bear gives us two functions on how we want to split our files. We split our PDF file into individual pages or take out specific pages from the original document. To split a PDF file, we have to select or drag and drop the file, then choose the pages we want to split from the original PDF file by clicking on the page; after we select the files we want to split, we have to export it into an individual PDF and will be available for download.

Compress PDF

Compressing a PDF file means making the file size smaller. Compressing a PDF file makes it easier and faster to send an email, which is efficient. It is also faster to transfer or download the files, which avoids delays and easily accessible on mobile phones. By compressing, it makes an efficient collaboration and content shareability.

Using PDFBear, reducing the size of the file is easier without affecting the PDF file’s quality. With PDFBear, we can compress our files for free, and easier to share the files via email or web. To compress, we select or drag and drop the software files and choose an option from medium-size file to small-size file. It will be analyzed and compressed and would be available for download.

Sign PDF

By signing a PDF file, it is essential to protect the document’s integrity. PDF signatures can be visible or invisible and can lock with certified PDF signatures that prove who signed the document.PDF signature is customizable and can have the company logo, hand-signature images, and such.

With PDFBear, they provide us an easy way to add our electronic signature by uploading a file, adding our signature, then download. We can also add our signatures on any device, anytime and anywhere, through our computers, tablets, or smartphones without worrying about our signature being leaked since the software has 256 SSL encryption.

Convert PDF

Converting a PDF means modifying our files into a format that we want, from or to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, HTML, or PDF/A. With these formats, we can configure our files that are only limited while in a PDF file format. Converting a PDF file makes it easier and accessible to anyone.

To convert files with PDFBear, we have to select the file through our computers or smartphones. This will autodetect to its respective format then it will be available for download. With their system, PDFBear would not compromise our files’ quality. Their conversion tool will automatically detect and choose the highest possible quality.

In A Nutshell 

Using the PDFBear platform, we can utilize our PDF files with their tools in a fast, secure, and easy way. While always maintaining its quality, it is also free and accessible to anyone. PDFBear supports all types of electronic devices, which makes this software reliable anywhere.

PDFBear also has other tools that could help our PDF files, we could also edit, repair, add watermark, add number pages, delete pages, rotate PDFs, protect PDFs, and unlock PDFs, and such. Makes PDFBear an all-in-one software for any of our needs.

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