ClearObject Creates an Innovative Solution for Customer Service in the Digital Age

ClearObject is an Indianapolis based company whose purpose is to help other companies achieve success with Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI. This year, ClearObject launched a dedicated Customer Success Team, an exciting if unsurprising development from a company that touts Service as a core value. As Noel Hopkins, the Head of Customer Success for Digital Products at ClearObject explains, “The aim is to ensure that as we partner collaboratively with our customers from ideation, development, and deployment of their digital products, that collaborative partnership extends into ensuring the value and the outcomes of those digital products are realized.”

The team was announced in late summer of 2020, the same year in which the company introduced a Digital Products Business Unit, which allowed them to strategize the delivery of digital solutions to businesses around the globe. The Customer Success Team was developed to work in tandem with the Digital Products Business Unit. It is based on the idea that for ClearObject to achieve success, their customers must do so also.

While the company already employed a collaborative approach, using specialist Ideation and Design Thinking facilitators to offer companies a wide variety of digital solutions, the Customer Success Team takes this collaborative approach even further. The team will advocate for customers from ideation, through development, and deployment. This will also encourage long term relationships with customers, as the collaboration does not end at deployment, but continues to ensure success in achieving the desired results from digital solutions

While it is the mission of ClearObject to help companies establish and employ digital products to their best advantage, ClearObject’s new team extends that mission to make certain that customers can understand the value of those products. With this team, ClearObject moves beyond their original goals of initiating and accelerating digital capabilities, to also making certain that customers can fully appreciate the long-term benefits. 

About ClearObject

ClearObject allows companies to integrate IoT systems and use data analytics to their best advantage. The company specializes in IoT Engineering, Connected Product Development, and Analytics. They are certified as a Google Cloud Partner and IBM Business Partner and are thus able to develop and deploy tailor-made targeted data analytics strategies. They also offer serverless cloud solutions, including AI tools and machine learning models, from migration to management. They are committed to providing their customers with access to all of the advantages of a digital world, including providing the security and innovation that companies need in achieving a digital transformation.

As IoT systems integrators they design, develop, deploy, and manage the digital data and solutions for customers. In offering the expertise of their Big Data Engineers, system administrators, and technical team to their customers, they make an in-house IT staff unnecessary. They are also well-versed in best practices, providing a wide variety of compliance and security options that are compatible with having a Virtual Private Cloud. Their custom solutions allow companies to have access to personalized connected solutions while providing the infrastructure and platform support to minimize any possibility of service interruption. 

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