Kitchen Trends in 2021

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place where your whole family will gather, you will try new recipes, and you’ll host friends and family members. However, designing such an important space can be challenging and expensive, especially without proper guidance. 

It is helpful to get professional consultations that can help you identify the latest kitchen cabinet trends, as well as the ways to make your kitchen more functional and suitable for your lifestyle. 

Below you can find the best kitchen trends for 2021 for you to start designing a modern, functional, and utterly beautiful kitchen!

Brightly Colored Cabinets

Brightly colored cabinets can be an excellent way to brighten up your kitchen. While gray, dark green, or wooden colored cabinets can make the space elegant and sophisticated, they can reduce the energy in the room. 

Opting for brightly colored cabinets allow you to give the kitchen the energy it deserves.

Tile Backsplash

The area behind the cooking area and the stove is bound to get dirty as a result of splashing during cooking. However, it can be challenging to clean off if it is painted, which will give your kitchen an unkempt look. 

A tile backsplash allows you to create a stylish, sophisticated space that is also easy to clean and keep tidy. They are best used in the portion of the wall behind the stove, the sink, or the cooking area. 

Metal Appliances

Metal appliances, especially those made in brushed nickel and gold, can give your kitchen a sophisticated look you wouldn’t be able to achieve with other accessories. 

These appliances are perfect to spruce up a space that is designed to be minimalist or streamlined. They also work well with bright colors as this gives it a unique and eclectic look.

Calacatta and Other Marble Countertops

Nothing increases a kitchen’s elegance quite like marble countertops. When designing a kitchen with Calacatta or marble surfaces for countertops, you must be aware that maintenance is necessary. 

However, by keeping on top of these easy tasks, such as polishing and conditioning, you can maintain a timeless, beautiful space for you and your whole family. 

Pop of Color

If you prefer to have an elegant, minimalist space, you might opt for neutral, subtle colors. These neutral colors might include olive green, white, gray, natural wood, or even slate blue. While these colors can offer your kitchen a unique look, they might cause a monotone effect. 

In turn, this makes your kitchen disappear in the background after you have put so much effort into designing it! So, adding a pop of color can help you spruce it up and create a trendy atmosphere. You can do this with appliances, decorations, and even lush plants!

One of the newest trends when it comes to including a pop of color is painting the interior of the cabinets a bright color, so the color is hidden until someone opens a cabinet.

Pot Filler

Pot fillers are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. These add an additional faucet behind your stovetop, so you can easily fill a pot without having to carry it from the sink and risk spilling. They can be extremely practical and add an extra touch to a thoughtfully designed place!