Bathroom Accessories – Mirror Cabinet, Mirror Wheelchair and Towel Bars

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When you want more than just a mirror for yourself to look at your face or makeup, mirror cabinet are the answer. Many times found in bathrooms, these bathroom mirror cabinets are the ideal storage solution. Not only are they functional but also add elegance to any bathroom. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the different types of mirror cabinet available in the market today.

Medicine Cabinet: As the name implies, medicine cabinets hold medicines and other prescription drugs. Most often used in offices, the medicine cabinet is also an ideal storage solution for homeowners. The most common medicine cabinet that we see in most homes have the medicine and prescription bottle on one side, with the syringe and needle on the other side. If you prefer not to use needles, medicine cabinets may also be wall-mounted.

Bathroom mirror cabinets: A medicine cabinet is a perfect place to store your medicines. It is usually fitted with shower doors or robe hooks. Most of these cabinets have glass doors that can be frosted, etched, or stained. Medicine cabinets may also come with built-in, radio, CD player, or television.

Over the bath mirror, robe hooks are fitted. Robe hooks are normally made of brass or chrome and have brass handles. These handles can be polished or painted to give them a stylish look. There are different styles of robe hooks such as the round, square, or rectangular ones. Wrought iron is another popular material used for these robe hooks. You can choose from a variety of materials depending on your preference.

Linen cabinets: Linen cabinets can also be called cloakroom. It is an ideal storage unit for small items such as shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps, towels, and other toiletries. You can store all these items using short faucets, wall hooks, or tall faucets. Most of these linens cabinets have special compartments for neckties and other accessories.

Shower doors: These cabinets have matching wall brackets or racks that attach to the wall and are used to hang towels, robes, or toiletries. The best part is that you can use either wall brackets or a rack. You can hang towels on the robe hooks or racks. Tall faucets are fitted right into linen cabinets. Toilets can be placed on the top of the cabinet.

Bidets: Bidets are used to dry wash hair and clothes. They are also used to massage body parts. Bidets are available in various designs such as the double basin faucet, single basin faucet, two-piece faucet, and elongated front. Toilets can be hung on bidets.

Shower systems: If you have an elongated front and a rough-in wall you can get a curved mirror cabinet with the same panel. These shower systems are specially designed for round front shower systems. The most important part of the shower system is the door. That’s where you place the door and it has to be strong. Glass doors work best with round front doors.

Shower curtain systems: You can also buy two-piece and three-piece shower systems. They are available in various designs. The two-piece units are generally smaller and cheaper than the one-piece units. They also take up less space in the bathroom. The one-piece units are generally larger and expensive.

Mirror pull-out: If your bathroom has a rough-in wall then you can also buy a mirror pull-out from any home furnishing store. Mirror pull-out units can be fitted into the wall of any bathroom. These mirror pull-outs can be adjusted according to your requirement. One big advantage of using mirror pull-out is that you can use the same in both round front and rough-in showers. Mirror pull-out units are generally inexpensive.

Bathroom accessories include shower valves, bathtubs, bathroom lights, and bidets. There is a huge range of shower components available in the market. The traditional shower valves are available in different sizes. The bathtubs are usually of different shapes and sizes depending upon the shape of the bathtub. You can choose between steam and a regular hot shower. The bidets are designed to clean your body thoroughly.

One of the most common shower components is the towel bars. You can find different types of shower valves, bathtubs, and bidets with different designs. The bathtubs are made of different materials. Some of them have big jets and some of them have small jets. The showerheads come in different designs too, like the round front, square-front, and semi-round.

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