How to Take Care of Your Pets While Travelling

People understandably adore their pets. Few things are more delightful than coming home to a purring cat ready to jump into your lap. Hearing a bird sing and watching it fly is an amazing experience. Dog owners enjoy all sorts of marvelous benefits including the chance to get more exercise and reduced blood pressure.

Owning a pet is also a huge responsibility. Pets need special care even when you’re busy with other things in your life. This is particularly true when a pet owner is traveling and their companion animal isn’t with them. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure the animals you appreciate are in good hands no matter where you are or how long you’ll be away from home.

Prepare Before You Leave

Dogs and cats are happier when they have a routine. They like knowing something is going to happen in a specific sequence every single day. Pets expect to be fed at a certain time. Dogs know they’re going for a walk around the block a certain time of the day. When you are not home, you want to do all you can to make sure your pet is following a routine that works for them. With that in mind, you’ll want to set up a highly specific routine. Leave food and water dishes in the same place. Keep all litter boxes in one place and stick to the same type of litter each day.

A Trusted Person

Animals can be skittish around people they’ve never met before. If you have someone who walks the dog for you when you’re not home, reach out to them. Ask if they can do other things for your pet such as making sure they’re fed. Someone who smells familiar to the pet helps them feel much better even when you’re not there. A caregiver can also do other things such as playing with the dog to help them stay mentally sharp. They can also take them to the dog run to be with other dogs. Dogs that get enough exercise each day are dogs that are less likely to cause problems with items you’ve left behind.

Boarding the Animal

Boarding your pet is another option. Many types of organizations offer boarding services. These include vets, professionals and trusted neighbors.

Placing your pet with a vet has many advantages. Vets are professionals who know how to care for an animal’s needs. This can be a good choice if you have an older animal who needs daily medication. However, it can also be more expensive than other forms of care.

A professional service can be hired online. Pet owners can find lots of people who have the hours they need. Many companies also offer insurance. That’s useful in the event that something goes wrong and the pet accidentally bites the caregiver.

Many people have neighbors who are happy to do them a favor and care for a pet in exchange for a small fee. This can be a good option for animals like cats that only need food and water.

If You Are Transporting Your Pet

Transporting your pet with you is another option. Airlines help you transport your cat and other furry friends. You might have to buy a special pet carrier with enough room to move. The same is true if you are taking your pet on a bus or long distance rail. If you are going this route, many hotels have special pet accommodations. For a small fee, they’ll also agree to take your dog on a walk when you’re online at Space Mountain.

Pets, like humans, can feel anxiety. This is particularly true when you are not there for what can feel like a very long time for the animal. Making thoughtful arrangements in advance will make it easier for your pets to cope with your absence.