Steve Fisackerly – Possible Investment Options Post Pandemic

As with any crisis there are winners and there are losers, some come out of the other side smelling of roses and others come out looking as though they have been dragged through a rose bush. With regards to the current pandemic, how will you be coming out of it? There are some brilliant investors like Steve Fisackerly who are more than ready for this to all come to an end, as they are ready and waiting for the next investment opportunity. If you are doing alright with regards to finances then these are the opportunities which you may very well find around the corner,  once the pandemic has calmed down somewhat. 

Real Estate Investment 

There is no doubt that in the months and years following the pandemic, the real estate market is going to see some huge changes. In many areas this will mean prices which crash hard and if you are able to spot where that is going to happen, then you can use your funds to get in at just the right time. Real estate is always a brilliant investment which will ensure that you are able to hold a lot of value and will give you many options as to how you can make money from it. 

Stock Investment 

There are a number of companies during this time which have had huge values wiped from their share price. These companies however have a lot of scope for getting their share price back up to where it should be, especially those within the leisure and tourism sector. Take hotels as a perfect example, they have been heavily damaged by this year and the lockdown, but those big hotel chains have a strong likelihood of bouncing back once things get back to normal. If you have cash on the hip then you can pick up shares in these companies at the optimal time. Be careful not to get in too soon as there are a number of companies which still may not survive. 


There are many who believe that launching a business wouldn’t be a great idea right now but in reality this would be a perfect time to launch a company. There are going to be so many gaps in the market which require filling, owing to the number of businesses which have been forced to close their doors. Beyond this there will be access to great premises, to high quality staff and even to infrastructure which is being sold off from a business which is on its way out. As long as you are smart around what industry you are going to enter into, this could be a great option which will make you some solid return on your initial investment for a business. If you don’t want to launch your own business then you could look to add funds to a new business which needs financial support. 

If you have money then you are going to find that there are a number of opportunities which will present themselves in the coming months.

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