4 Safety Tips That Can Help You Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

If you own a motorbike, then you must already be aware of the dangers of riding it. There is no doubt motorcycles are fun to ride, and the adrenaline they give you is unmatchable, but you also have to be extremely careful while on the road. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 80% of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury and death. That is why it is vital for you to strictly adhere to safety rules whenever you get on a bike. 

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Read on to learn a few tips that will help you prevent motorcycle accidents. 

Beware of Left Turns

The most common type of motorcycle accident is when a vehicle takes an abrupt left turn without realizing there is a motorcycle crossing the intersection. To avoid these sorts of accidents, all you have to do is be careful at intersections. Slow down your bike and be cognizant of the actions of other vehicles.

blue and white motorcycle parked beside white and red fire extinguisher

Avoid Rear Collisions

If a car or any other vehicle crashes into you from behind, then it does not necessarily mean that it was their fault only. Rear collisions can happen when you push the brakes aggressively and stop immediately in front of any motorist, not giving them enough time to react. To avoid such an accident, you must always hit the brakes slowly so the driver behind you can adjust their speed accordingly. You must also not ride too slowly on high-speed roads.

Never Ride Intoxicated

If you have had a glass of wine or have taken any other drugs that can make you dizzy or cloud your judgment, you must not get on your motorcycle. You can end up in a severe accident if you are riding under the influence of alcohol or any other sorts of drugs. Not only will you experience severe injuries, but you could be arrested as well for breaking the law. So, it is in your best interest to avoid riding a bike whenever you are drunk or high.

Be Extra Careful When It’s Raining or Snowing

If you are planning to take your motorcycle out for a ride when it’s raining or snowing, you must think twice before making that decision. When the weather is not normal outside, you should be extra careful while riding a bike. Most motorcycles slip easily when it is raining or snowing, and these weather conditions can also affect road visibility. So, it is strictly advised that you ride slow and with extreme care in such conditions. You should also keep a fair amount of distance between you and other vehicles.