Office DIY Projects to Increase Productivity

In the age of working from home, it’s more important than ever that we optimise our workspaces with productivity in mind. This might mean clearing desks, installing extra storage, or making sure that there’s a potted plant somewhere in our eyeline. 

In many cases, noticeable improvements in productivity can be had without getting in a tradesperson. Let’s look at a few projects that, for the investment of just a little bit of effort, will make life markedly easier.

Organise the Desk

Getting all of the supplies on your desk into some kind of order is critical. If you go the DIY route, then you’ll be able to design your organiser to fit your particular needs and the look of your workspace. Pencils, pens, documents and hole-punchers can be stowed somewhere out-of-sight. All you need is a few lengths of wood and some glue. If you want to go the extra mile, then you might build in a lid with a hinge, or even build the wooden organiser into the desk itself.

Monitor height booster

Postural problems blight office workers. We spend eight hours a day hunched forward in that unsightly ‘Mr Burns’ position. By rearranging a few items, we can guard against this problem. The most important of these steps is to raise your monitor, which will allow you to keep your neck and back at the appropriate angle. If this isn’t possible, then you might build a stand just for the purpose.  If you’ve done your planning, then this structure might also provide a space for your desk-organiser to live. 

Alternatively, you might mount your monitor to the wall. This is a straightforward DIY task, provided that you have a VESA-compatible monitor, and a suitable external wall upon which to mount it. With the right drill and some rawlplugs, you’ll have a monitor that’s at the right height and doesn’t take up any space on your desk. If you need the tools to mount your TV to the wall, or to create a wooden laptop monitor, then be sure to check out the drill and driver guide from SGS Engineering.

Cable management

Trailing cables all over your desk, and around the back of the computer, can pose a safety concern. Plus, all that mess creates avoidable stress. Proper cable management is the answer. Trunking can easily be installed to available surfaces; power supplies can be taped to the underside of desks. Look for Velcro tape for the job. Rather than tidying cables away one-by one, it’s worth unplugging everything and then re-installing the cables in their new homes, one-by-one. If you have ethernet, power, USB and loudspeaker cables all intertwined in a rat’s nest, then you’ll feel much better once it’s all sorted out.

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