David Koonar Shares 6 Traits Every Great Wedding Photographer Should Possess

There are certain types of photography that require very specific skillsets, and wedding photography is definitely one of them. Not only do your photos have to be incredible, and a certain aesthetic, but you need to work with people on what is typically one of the most important days of their lives.

David Koonar, a professional photographer hailing from Canada, knows this all to well. Koonar is an expert in many different types of photography, including wedding photography.

David Koonar Shares 6 Traits Every Great Wedding Photographer Should Possess

We caught up with Koonar to talk about traits every great wedding photographer should possess.

Essential photography skills

Before you even think about becoming a wedding photographer, it’s crucial that you’ve mastered the essential and basic photography skills, according to Koonar. During a wedding, you don’t get a do-over opportunity.

These moments are fleeting and precious, and you need to be able to capture them at a moment’s notice. Lighting is everything! Fiddling with your shutter speed or having incorrect lighting settings could ruin the set of photos.

Patience and calmness 

Working with a bride, a groom, their families, and their loved ones can be a handful. A wedding photographer not only has to be an excellent photographer, but they have to have excellent patience.

Sometimes, dealing with all of these people can be overwhelming, and people may be asking a lot from you. Staying cool, calm, collected, and doing the best you can to take excellent photos can go a long way.

Energetic personality 

Dealing with all of those people also means you should definitely be energetic. According to Koonar, it can be challenging to try to wrangle the bridal party, snap perfect shots of the guests, and get the pictures your bride is dreaming of.

This is why photography fitness is important in order to help you bring energy to the table. It can help you direct everyone, and ensure that you’re getting the shots you need to capture for this special day.

Planning and organization

Wedding photography definitely has its busy seasons and its lulls. Spring and summer can be bustling for weddings, when the weather is warm, and early fall can also be busy, in parts of the world where the foliage changes. According to Koonar, staying organized can be essential, especially during those busier months.

There may be times when you have back-to-back events, so you want to plan accordingly, making sure you have enough batteries and food to get through the day. You also want to make sure you don’t double-book yourself.


Taking wedding photos can get tiring quickly, if you’re always taking the same old shot. Koonar recommends hitting all of your basics, but also not being afraid to think outside the box.

Getting creative with your wedding photographs can help you stay interested, and also help your work stand out from other wedding photographers.


Wedding photography isn’t for the faint of heart. While you ultimately get to celebrate with people on a joyous occasion, it also requires a ton of work.

If you genuinely are passionate about wedding photography, and enjoy doing it, you’re much more likely to succeed as a wedding photographer.

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