Solar Panels: Renewable Energy


With so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, why not invest in solar panels? Not only do they save you money as a source of renewable energy, but they prevent the waste of electricity.

Currently, there is a federal tax credit in place if you install solar panels, offsetting the cost by almost 26%. That’s a lot of money, and the result is a reduced monthly energy bill.

What’s better than that?

If you’re ready to go green and preserve the earth’s natural resources, then keep reading. You’ll learn why you need to start using solar panels and how much money you can save in the long run.

Benefits of Solar Panels

You may have seen your neighbor’s solar panel roof or a field of solar panels, supplying energy to schools and businesses. 

As a result, you’re curious if this is the best move for you and your family. If you’re looking to lower or possibly get rid of your monthly energy bills, then solar panels are for you.

1. Lower Energy Bills

Do you live in an area that gets ample amounts of sunlight? The take advantage of it by installing solar panels. Why continue to pay your electric company when you can harness the sun’s energy to save money. 

Even on cloudy days, solar panels attract the sun’s energy. 

The amount of money you save depends on how much electricity you use. If you use less monthly energy than you’re drawing in from the sun, you may even see a credit on your electric bills. 

2. Protect the Environment

When installing solar panels, you become less dependent on critical fossil fuels and contribute less to greenhouse gases. Instead, you use sustainable, clean energy from the sun. 

The production of fossils fuels requires water, another way that pollution is generated. Solar panels function without the need for water, protecting the environment even more. 

3. Tax Advantages

As previously mentioned, there are tax breaks in place for solar panels. Currently, the federal tax credit is 26%. However, these tax credits are due to go away in 2022, so it’s best to act now and utilize these substantial financial benefits. 

4. More Affordable Than Ever

The price to purchase solar panels is more affordable than ever. Solar panels are 70% cheaper than they were almost a decade ago. 

Additionally, there aren’t any mechanical parts to break as with a boiler or furnace. That is an additional way to save money on your monthly expenses. 

5. Reliable Energy

It’s not uncommon to experience a power outage. With solar panels, you have continuous solar power energy, regardless of a power outage. 

The sun will power your home throughout the day, and at night, you’ll be able to use the stored energy. Check out to learn more about solar power during a power outage. 

Clean and Dependable Energy

If you’re looking to save money will preserving fossil fuels, then solar panels are the way to go. They come with an affordable price tag, tax benefits, and provide you energy even during a power outage. 

Be sure to take advantage of solar power energy and start reducing or eliminating your energy bills altogether. 

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