Remi Landau – Why You Have To Vote When You Have a Chance

There is an election coming up on the 3rd of November and rightfully so there are political experts and commentators such as Remi Landau who are rightfully urging everyone to vote when it comes up. The voting turnout is better in the USA than it is in many other countries around the world but let’s be honest, where possible we should be looking at getting a minimum of 70 or even 80 percent, instead of the pitiful 55% percent which we have seen in the past. This year is your chance to have your say and let the world know which side you want to vote on. 

If you are in any doubt about whether or not you should vote, here is exactly why you should make your way to the ballot box on November 3rd .

It Counts 

When you see one political party that is waning by hundreds of thousands of votes it may seem like your single vote doesn’t really mean very much. This however could not be further from the truth and there is always a probability that a single lot splits a decision. When you look at numbers which are so big it is of course easy to feel small but if there are 100,000 votes different, just think of that as being one thousand of you who made that difference. 

Right To Vote 

There are still many countries around the world which are completely undemocratic, they have rigged elections, they have citizens who have no say in who runs their country or how and there are many who would bite your arm off for the chance to have their say at the voting booth. It is on you to take the opportunity which has been given to you, a highly important responsibility which means that you get to have your voice heard with regards to who is going to become the leader of your nation. 


Another reason to vote is that you inspire and motivate others to do the same. Through the ballot box you will have your say but through the action of going and casting your vote you can inspire the younger generation to do the same, you can also inspire parents and other family members to vote once again if they became disaffected for a long period of time. 


It certainly feels as though there is more division than ever before in this country of ours and when you consider the fact that just over half the country even turned out to vote last time, there is little surprise. This could very well be the most important election for years, and it is essential that the result is an accurate one which involves the say of all of the Americans here and around the world. 

It doesn’t matter which way you vote, the point is that you make the time and get out there to cast yours.