David Walsh Bronxville – The Journey to Produce a Movie

I have wanted to work in the film industry ever since I was a young child, my dream was to act in a hit movie or direct one and growing up I would consume as many movies as humanly possible. I decided to also study for this during my years at college and I am just about to launch my very own film production company. Film production for me, having learned more about the industry, was something which really called to me as it involves a little bit of everything on a film set. If you have a passion for movies too, here is how I did it, I thought I’d share my experience to inspire you. 

Taking Inspiration 

In terms of understanding which role I wanted to be in within the film community I took inspiration from some of the most amazing people in the industry. One person in particular was David Walsh Bronxville creator and a man who I watched speak about the world of film production when I was younger. David and his work was really and inspiration for me and that was why I opted to go for this career in particular. 

Learning the Many Kinds of Production 

Once I had decided that film production was for me, I decided that it would be great idea to learn the ropes and gather as much information as I could about what exactly film producers do. The truth is that there are no two job descriptions which are the same when it comes to film production and the reality is that they do a little bit of everything. From constructing the set to dealing with the talent, helping the camera crew to finding locations, this is a job role which really does feature a little bit of everything. 

Gaining An Education 

There are many in this industry who do not have formal education and who instead learned on the job and that is certainly an option for you. In my case however I really wanted to go through the education system and take all of the knowledge that I could and then use that for my own business. This is something that is very much personal to you and if you want to get a great entry level job in the industry then you may find that the educational route is the best way. 

Launching The Firm 

A huge amount of film producers work freelance and from there they are contracted by film companies to come and produce for them. This was pretty much the reason why I decided that the best course of action would be to launch my very own. Again this not something that you absolutely have to do but it seems to me to be the smartest way of going about it. 

This is my experience and I will keep you all posted on how things are doing in the coming weeks and months.