5 Clever DIY Project Tips

The end of summer signals a change in the air. Fall is the time when you’re most likely to find yourself looking at DIY projects. Our DIY Projects mentions that fall is the most prominent season for DIYs because of several reasons. But where do you start when it comes to fall projects? It can be challenging to narrow down the areas you should be looking at, but this article will help by giving you a few places to focus on.

1.     Cabinet Refinishing

Your kitchen cabinets are a central part of your interior decor, but sometimes you just wish you could make them look different. Cabinet painting allows you to change their texture and how they contrast with the other interior elements. Replacing their handles with newer versions may well be worth it.

2.      Exterior Inspection and Repair

Winter is not the time you want to be effecting repairs on your house’s exterior. From peeling paint to flaking roof tiles and clogged guttering, each of these presents their own problems for your building. Have a glance at the elements of your house and see what you can get done while the fall weather allows it. Roof and guttering repairs especially are suitable for the fall with less rainfall and longer days to work out in the open.

3.     Check for Drafts

Have you noticed that your heating bills in winter are exorbitant? You might have drafty areas inside your home that allow the heated air inside to leak outside. If you want to be efficient (and reduce your heating bills), you may want to locate where these drafty zones are and clog them. You can use simple foam solutions to securely clog up any drafty spots before winter starts making your supposedly warm house into a freezer.

4.     Check for Hard Surface Damage

having your walkway covered in snow is bad enough, but running into a broken walkway while it’s covered in snow could twist your ankle, or worse. Check that your walkway and other hard surfaces are adequately fixed before the snow sets in. Your ankle may thank you for it later.

5.     Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Bioadvanced notes that during the fall, insects start to seek out winter quarters to layover during the cold months. If you have a spot that’s welcoming to these vermin, they won’t look a gift-horse in the mouth. Use sealing foam to cover the tiny cracks and holes they’re most likely to make inroads through.

Doing It Yourself is Fun

During the fall, the temperatures are lower, and you feel like doing things outside. DIY projects are perfect for the fall since they give you an excuse to be out and about. It also allows you to expend some of that energy. You’ll be cooped up inside all through the winter, after all. DIY projects are great, not just for fixing your home and getting it ready for the winter but also for helping you stay active and fit. Most importantly, many of these DIY projects are lots of fun. What’s better than performing maintenance on your home in excellent working conditions and having fun with it too?

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