Blackbaud vs. Salesforce: Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

Selecting the best donor management platform can pose a challenge for a nonprofit organization. Blackbaud has offered The Raiser’s Edge for over thirty years, and the next-generation, cloud-based Raiser’s Edge NXT is designed especially for social good organizations. Salesforce, maker of the leading customer relationship management software, introduced the Nonprofit Success Pack in 2005. Find out more about the pros and cons of the best software for nonprofits and options for Salesforce data integration.

Compare Cost & Prices Of Blackbaud & Salesforceh

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce for Nonprofits have shared and unique features, but the most significant difference is the price of these software packages. Single- and multi-user licenses for Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit database software start around $5,000. This estimate does not include a support package, training or additional modules.

Salesforce for Nonprofits starts at $36 per month for each licensed user. The overall cost of a subscription, which is billed annually, is determined by whether you need to use the Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition or Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition, which starts at $72 per month. The Power of Us program provides every eligible organization with 10 built-in subscriptions of Sales and Service Cloud Enterprise Edition. Additional subscriptions are also affordably priced. The yearly cost of Salesforce for Nonprofits ranges from $432 to $864 per year, which is considerably less than Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge.

Non Profit Cloud Integration Comparison

Several third-party services provide cloud-based integration tools to supplement Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce NPSP. Look for an integration that improves the performance of your chosen donor management software. Some data integration solutions providers support a full range of Blackbaud software, such as Raiser’s Edge NXT, Financial Edge and the company’s customer relationship management platform.

The best integration service will support an organization’s primary donor management software platform. Some integrations are exclusively intended for use with Blackbaud or Salesforce software, while other companies make solutions for both platforms or software that a nonprofit can use to bridge the gap between these systems, such as the Blackbaud Luminate CRM integration for Salesforce.

Omatic Cloud Essentials excels at improving the ease of use, functionality and results of Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce NPSP or other donor management software packages. Find out about the full range of functionality for quickly importing, updating, improving, analyzing and using donor data in fundraising drives and day-to-day operations. The size and budget of a nonprofit are two important considerations for selecting the right donor management software and cloud integration resources.

A Raiser’s Edge NXT software license requires a substantially larger investment than Salesforce NPSP. Even with added users and integrations, it is unlikely that the cost of a Salesforce for Nonprofits implementation will approach the cost of Raiser’s Edge. At the same time, Raiser’s Edge has been used in the nonprofit sector for over three decades and has many features that organizations can use right out of the box. Salesforce allows for, and may require, further customization. The results of implementing an effective fundraising solution are well worth the investment in Blackbaud or Salesforce donor management software and data integration solutions.