What You Need to Know Before Tattoo Removal

Do you have some regrettable ink on your body? Don’t lose hope; the tattoo can be erased through laser tattoo removal. Before technology revolutionized the cosmetic industry, tattoos were removed surgically or peeled away with chemicals.

Laser tattoo removal is a technique of erasing a tattoo virtually. From small black tattoos to big colored tattoos, laser removal gets the work done quickly and effectively. Here are things you should know before getting tattoo removal.

1. It takes time

It is a long process to take out a tattoo. The anticipated change will not happen overnight. When getting a tattoo in your skin, the artist must have told you whether it is permanent or temporary. If the answer was permanent, then you have to be patient since removing it isn’t easy. It can take several months for a tattoo to fade away. How long it will take you to heal depends on the color, size, and design of the tattoo. It takes time for the skin to regeneration new particles of pigments.

2. It’s expensive

It’s cheaper to get a tattoo in your skin than to remove it. Several sessions characterize the removal process, and each session can cost you hundreds of dollars. But if you have made up your mind to erase it, then it’s worth it.

3. All ink is removable

Contrary to misconceptions that colored ink is daunting to take out, dermatologists assure that all types of inks can disappear with time. However, a laser is more attracted to dark ink, and hence it takes a shorter time to remove a dark-colored tattoo. In the past, it was troublesome to remove yellow and green colors, but with PicoSure technology, all ink can be removed.

4. Expect several sessions

It will take several sessions for your skin to heal completely. It takes an average of 8-12 sessions to erase a tattoo safely and effectively. The age of the tattoo, ink quality, skin pigments, and the tattooist’s skill level will determine how long it will take to heal.

Additionally, it depends on whether you want to erase the tattoo completely or intend to have the area tattooed again. It is imperative to visit a qualified dermatologist when considering tattoo removal. Some unqualified people may promise to do it faster and up permanently damaging your skin.

5. The removal may alter your skin

Getting a tattoo in your skin leads to uneven skin texture, but the effect is rarely noticed since it’s hidden by ink. Laser removal may leave a mark that resembles a sketch of your old tattoo. If you have a tattoo on top of another one, the doctor will schedule more sessions.

6. Sunscreen can help

Laser treatment may lighten or darken the skin pigment around the tattooed area. If the area is exposed to the sun, you may end up sustaining blisters, and they can have a detrimental effect on the healing process. Apply sunscreen to the area before and after laser removal to prevent changes in skin pigmentation.

7. It’s a little bit painful

You have to prepare yourself mentally for needles. One session may take around 45 minutes. The doctor will start by cleaning the area, inject lidocaine to freeze the area, laser the tattoos, ice them, and then bandage them. You might experience an intense sensation when the laser hits the lidocaine. The pain doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. You will experience discomfort for about five days. It is normal for the site to depuff, peel and regenerate.

8. You don’t have to remove it all

If you don’t want to take out the whole thing, consider removing the undesired part only. Fortunately, laser removal is precise so that you can remove a small part of your tattoo, which is quicker and cheaper than having the whole thing removed.

Before undergoing the cosmetic procedure, schedule an appointment with a renowned doctor and be ready to disclose your medical history.

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