Emerging Trends in Christmas Cards

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas cards. What type of photo should you include? What style of card should you go for? Finding the right answers to these questions is the key to sending out cards that will be a hit with all your friends and relatives.

Annual Christmas cards are one of the main ways you can make an impression on people you don’t see very often. If you choose a stuffy photo or an old-fashioned layout, you’ll send the message that you’re horribly behind the times. If you want to show you’re hip and modern, you’ll have to follow the emerging Christmas card trends. Here are the top five ideas to consider.

Matching Pajamas in the Photo

In 2020, families want to show that they’re fun and easy-going, not annoyingly prim and proper. Nothing says “fun” like matching sets of family pajamas. You can easily find the style that suits your family, and you’ll have a fantastic time during the photoshoot. What’s more, after you’ve taken the photo you’ll still have the matching family pajamas, which will provide both comfortable sleepwear and marvelous memories.

Using Photoshop To Produce Some Cheap Laughs

Sticking with the “fun and lighthearted” theme, Photoshop and other photo editing services give you that chance to create some seriously amusing Christmas card photos. These services are intuitive and easy to use, meaning you can do all the work. Just take a family portrait, upload it to your computer, download the program, and see what you can do. The editing process will provide hours of laughs as you play around with all the different features. From swapping heads to adding amusing thought bubbles, there’s really no limit to the types of jokes you can pull off. You know you’ll have your friends and relatives doubled over in laughter when they receive your cards, and is anything more in keeping with the Christmas spirit than spreading a little joy?

Ironic Formal Photos

As we’ve mentioned, formal portraits are no longer in vogue. There is, however, one major exception: self-aware and ironic formal photos created for comedic effect. If everyone knows your family is a collection of goofballs, then nothing will be more amusing than receiving a card with starched clothes and serious faces. The occasional skewed tie or silly hat will send the message that the whole thing is a joke, and the final product will live forever in family lore. I’m sure you can imagine Christmas in 2030 already, with your now-grown kids reminiscing about “the year we rented the suits and gowns.”

Self-Made Cards

Crafting is all the rage these days. Store-bought and professionally-made cards can seem cold and heartless, but if you make your cards yourself then you’re guaranteed to melt hearts. The actual creation of the cards can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re into crafting and if your family members are happy to help. The whole process is a bit like baking cookies or making a gingerbread house. All you have to do is buy your materials, put on some Christmas tunes, and get to work amid smiles and laughs. The cards will definitely be a hit among recipients, since getting something personalized and made with the hands is always special.

Self-Deprecatory “Brag Letter”

Sending out Christmas cards always creates the same dilemma. You know your friends and relatives are genuinely interested in reading about your family’s achievements, but you also know there’s something squirm-inducing about the infamous “brag letter.” What, then, are you to do? How about a humorous, self-deprecating letter that gives all the good news without coming across as boastful? It can be tough to do, but with patience and a couple of drafts you might manage to strike the perfect tone.

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