Does AutoZone Offer Battery Charging?

Car batteries can drain when you’ve been using your automobile’s power supply while not driving the car, which recharges the battery. A dead battery can happen if you’re at a drive-in movie theater using your car’s stereo to pick up sound, for example. It can also happen when you’re outdoors entertaining and using your car’s stereo for background music.

Low battery levels can also occur when it has been extremely hot or cold outside. A newer battery should have enough resistance to weather the elements, but an older battery can struggle to keep its charge.

Just because your battery has become low on charge does not necessarily mean your battery is bad or needs to be replaced. It may simply need to be charged back up to full capacity.

You should be able to give your battery a jump start in order to safely drive it to your local AutoZone that offers guidance like how to install a top post car battery. Be sure to allow your car to charge up several minutes before attempting to drive.

How To Charge Your Car’s Battery at AutoZone

Every AutoZone in the United States offers all its customers free battery charging services through its Duralast Fast Charger. The service is fast, convenient and offered at no charge to you. Simply let a worker know you have a battery that appears to be low, and he or she will bring the Fast Charger out to your car. There’s no need to disconnect the battery and bring it inside.

Once a customer’s automobile battery has been connected to the Fast Charger, the charger produces a high charging current so it can provide your battery with a complete charge in about 30 minutes.

If your battery is old or if it has repeatedly drained, you may also want to inquire about running a battery test.

Is AutoZones Battery Test Accurate?

Just as AutoZone offers free charging services, it also offers free battery testing at every store in the United States. Its battery test is fast and accurate for cars and for a motorcycle battery

The AutoZone associate will bring the battery testing equipment out to your car and connect it to your battery just as you would jumper cables. The test will determine if you have a bad battery that needs to be replaced.

If it turns out you need a new battery, AutoZone keeps a stock of the best car batteries offered by various manufacturers. Ask the associate to help you determine the best options for your vehicle. He or she will even dispose of your old battery for you and help you put the new battery in.

Car batteries can be tricky to diagnose, especially when they have a dead cell that is causing intermittent issues. With the fast and free services offered at AutoZone, you can take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to do next when it comes to keeping your car charged.

AutoZones are located throughout the United States and offer many other great complimentary services. If you’re experiencing an issue with your automobile, stop in at your local AutoZone and see how they can help.

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