Forward-thinking: Steven Fisackerly on companies that will do well in 2021

All over the world, economies have experienced heavy dips because of the outbreak of COVID-19.  Even countries like Sweden that remained relatively open were affected due to weakened tourism and the slowdown of trade with everywhere else outside their country.  And while the race is on to come up with a viable cure or a vaccine for this disease, economists are looking for ways to jumpstart the economy once the COVID-19 problem is dealt with.  Looking into 2021, Steven Fisackerly expounds on what he believes would be the most profitable businesses to start in 2021.

E-commerce distribution platform

Since 2016, eCommerce in the U.S. has grown to a $450 billion industry.  And while companies like Amazon and other logistics firms are making it more difficult for smaller businesses to make their mark in the industry, there are smaller companies that can thrive in the logistics, storage, and distribution market.  Smaller distribution companies are starting to get more and more pieces of the pie, which makes it one of the most lucrative businesses in 2021.


Cyberattacks have only grown in number over the past years.  Even though there are major companies that specialize in creating cybersecurity software and technology, this doesn’t close the opportunity out for everyone.  There are still plenty of companies out there that can specialize in cybersecurity, such as those who conduct audits, train business leaders on how to handle cyberattacks after they have occurred, or even consult with companies and their IT departments in terms of creating a secure network environment for their data.

Elderly care

COVID-19 has shown how badly the need is to upgrade end of life care, as well as elderly care in the country.  Several technological advancements across multiple fields can be utilized to revamp elderly care and bring it up to speed with other establishments.  For example, homes could use the latest in healthcare communication in the form of telemedicine to bring the elderly and their physicians, giving the elderly easier access to their doctors.

Virtual assistants

If there’s anything that the COVID crisis has proved is that working from home is a viable work setup for almost every industry.  This is why the integration of digital assistants in small and large companies should be something HR departments should look into.  IT developers can help create better systems that can solve daily problems that AI cannot cover at the moment.