Ayden Hector’s tips on how to get in shape for the holidays

Over the years, personal trainer Ayden Hector has helped many individuals reach their health and fitness goals.  He has conducted training in and out of gyms and in and out of a client’s home as well.  He has given public demonstrations, has taught classes to people of all ages and from all walks of life, and has come up with nutrition plans for everybody.  However, over the past few months, he hasn’t been able to help as much as he’d want to with the pandemic and all.  Instead, he started writing a series of blogs to help people everywhere reach their health and fitness goals.

Today’s blog lists down the many ways people can prepare themselves for the holiday season.  Now while it’s only September and the holiday season is still about three-and-a-half-months away, preparing oneself for the onslaught of food and alcohol will minimize the after-effects once January comes.  

When done right, these preparatory steps will help a person maintain a level of fitness and health throughout the holidays.

Weight loss should be a priority.

Every year, after all the celebrations have concluded and people go back to their daily lives, they usually check if they’ve gained weight.  Most people do, and not just a pound or two.  A lot of people go back to their offices, barely fitting into their clothes.  To prepare for that, they should bring down their weight as much as possible.  That way, even after gaining during the Yuletide season, it won’t be as much.  Think of it as an allowance or spare room in the body wherein people can put all those added calories.

Train in mindful eating.

One of the best things about training for physical fitness and health is it isn’t just for the muscles or strength – training can be done on so many aspects of a person’s well-being.  For example, a person can train their mind to get up and work out even if they don’t feel like doing so.  A person can even train their appetite to eat the right amount of food.  When a person achieves the level of discipline when it comes to consuming the proper portions of food, it won’t matter how much of a feast is in front of them.  They will only eat as much as they need.  And this training can go a long, long way during the holidays.

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