Improve Your Day to Day Life With These Best Apps for Iphone


Did you know there are 8.93 million mobile apps worldwide? If you’re looking for an app that will help you be more productive, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best apps for iPhone.

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If you want to track your habits like sticking to a diet or exercising, check out Productive. Use it to make sure you take your pills or vitamins daily.

People who have a hard time focusing use Productive to concentrate better. You can use it to create a task list. Get smart reminders every day.

Day One Journal

Have you wanted to start journaling? Consider using Day One. Day One has a bunch of features that will make journaling fun.

You can use templates and add metadata like weather, location, and music in the background. You’re also able to insert videos, photos, and tag your entry with hashtags.

The journal can get password protected. You can also customize reminders throughout the day.

With Day One, you’ll get a prompt to write in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the day. Track your activities and thoughts during the day.


Evernote is one of the best productivity apps. You can use it as a note-taking app. You can store things like receipts, boarding passes, and articles.

There’s also a web interface and a desktop app so you can use Evernote on your computer.


Are you looking for a reminders app? Consider using Due.

Due will let you store and keep reminders. If you want to keep things from cluttering your mind, download this app.


To avoid driving and texting, consider checking out Glympse. Share your location with someone. Recipients will get a link that lets them see your location in real-time.

Family members or friends can also see your estimated arrival time. Glympse recipients won’t need to have the app to see what you’re sharing.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a free app that you can use to make better decisions about your finances.

With Clarity Money, you can organize your bills by using automated expense tracking. Automate your savings as well. Track and account expenses so you can cancel subscriptions you don’t use.

Track your savings, spending, and debt in one spot. The AI-powered financial management app will link your financial accounts to the app. You’ll have data to see where you’re overspending.


You may have heard of the mental health benefits of meditating. Why not start meditating for 10 minutes every day? You’ll need a set of headphones and a smartphone.

You could meditate before bed to relax or before your workday. Headspace will guide you through audio, videos, and cartoons.

Google Calendar

People often overlook this management app, but it’s one of the easiest to use. You can block time off for appointments and tasks. You can also set reminders for things you need to do on a recurring basis or once.

Google Calendar is a cross-platform app. Access your tasks and calendar from anywhere.


Slack is a popular app that corporations like Oracle, Airbnb, and Target use on a regular basis. Slack is a communication app, making it easier to collaborate with your team.

Email is helpful to send messages, but it can get challenging to collaborate. Messages will get buried beneath other emails or lost. With Slack, all your communications are searchable and organized.

Create different channels for different departments, clients, and projects.
Team members can move from conversations. You won’t get a notification about a conversation you’ve exited.

On Slack, you can video chat, share documents, and send GIFS. To boost your productivity, integrate tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.


Lumosity is an app designed by neuroscientists to train your attention and memory.

You can train your brain and learn how your mind works in the cognitive training program. Play different science-based games to exercise speed, flexibility, attention, memory, and more.


Weekdone is a useful app for employees to enter their problems, plans, and progress. Weekdone will compile the information into a report and send it as an email.

Use it as a planning tool to organize what you need to complete. You can keep some plans private and add due dates. With Weekdone, you can highlight the most important tasks of your workweek.


Most people tend to have a hard time concentrating over 30 minutes. Often, they will keep working but procrastinate for hours. The 30-30 schedule will help you use your time better.

You will work for a 30-minute session. Then you’ll take 30 minutes of downtime before starting another 30-minute work session.

You’ll get through projects fast and won’t feel overwhelmed by facing your work in one session. Use this app to organize your to-do list and keep on task.


To keep everyone in the loop, use Samepage. The app can help you and coworkers share and create files. You can also collaborate on content and manage tasks on your phone.

Share your screen, video conference, and collaborate on documents in real-time.

If your phone isn’t working, learn how to factory reset an iPhone.

Now You Know the Best Apps for iPhone

We hope this guide on apps for iPhones was helpful. You can find apps for all kinds of different topics. Now that you know the best apps for iPhone start downloading a few.

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