5 Benefits of One-Off Trades and How to Do Them Online

Are you considering some one off trades? If you are thinking of these types of trades, which are sometimes called one-off share sales, then you might want to determine whether they are right for you or not. You will find that there are some nice benefits to these types of trades. Let’s look at five of the best reasons to consider them.


People today want things to be as simple as possible. Yet so many things seem overly complicated and complex. It does not have to be this way, particularly when it comes to one-off trades. The processes that are in place, especially when working with a reputable company to facilitate the trade, are far more convenient and can help you save time.

The Process Can Be Easy

When you work with a company to take care of the trade, you will need to complete their forms, which are typically online, as well as verify your ID. They will take care of selling the shares for you and will then send the money to your account.

Fast Results

When you sell online, it will help to speed up the process significantly. Most of the time, the funds can be added to your account in a matter of days.

One-Time Trades Mean a One-Time Brokerage Fee

Another benefit of a one-off trade is that there is only going to be a one-time fee. You pay the fees and then receive your funds. A one-time trade often means saving a substantial amount of money, not to mention time. 

Great for Those Who Don’t Want to Trade Regularly

While many are heavily involved in trading, this is not true of everyone. Many people who have received shares through employee share schemes, an inheritance, and IPO, or demutualisation may find that they have shares that they do not want or need. They do not want to be involved in trading and they don’t want to hold shares for the off chance that they could increase in value. Using one-off trades is a huge benefit for these people.

How to Do One-Off Trades Online

Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever to complete one off trades online. Today, you can find companies that will need just a small amount of information from you to take care of the trade. Choose a company that has a good reputation and that does not charge a massive fee.