Rachel Harow: Doing Good Comes from the Heart

The Coronavirus has indeed devastated so many people in so many different ways. The economic conditions and lives of so many have been dramatically changed by this health pandemic, in ways that will unfortunately likely never revert. But it  has also brought out the good in so many people. People like Rachel Harow have stepped up to the plate during this challenging time and invested time and resources into helping their neighbors. Indeed for Rachel, this is not an isolated situation, or something out of the norm. Instead, it  is truly who she is at her core.

Rachel has always dedicated time out of her busy schedule to help the community in any which way she could. Her and her husband Chanoch, have been supporting various initiatives and causes in the state of Israel, that seek to promote and better the way of life for the country’s citizens.

But the distinguishing characteristic that separates Rachel from other generous financial contributors, is her willingness and devotion to getting hands-on with the causes and initiatives she gets involved with. There are many philanthropists and generous financial contributors to a litany of different worthy causes and initiatives that do remarkably meaningful and important things.

But few actually expend the time and dedication beyond writing the check to actually help improve the nature of the nonprofit or organization they are seeking to help. That’s not a statement meant to belittle the importance and value of those who financially contribute to important causes. Instead, it’s meant to highlight the value of people like Rachel Harow who go above and beyond the call of duty to help improve various facets of living for those that need it  most.

During this Coronavirus health pandemic, there are so many people in utter despair who are in need of our collective help. Let’s seek to follow suit in Rachel Harow’s lead, by stepping up to the plate to help our fellow Americans, and good and decent people living beyond the confines of the United States. We’ll all be better for it , indeed.

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