How to Give Your Dog Fresh Food

The easiest way to ensure that your dog is getting proper nutrition is to simply prepare their food yourself. Some people might scoff at the idea of preparing meals for their dogs, but the reality of it is that providing fresh food for your beloved pet is very easy and the benefits are unmatched.


Like any chore, the key to preparing fresh dog food is having a plan before you get started. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your dog is getting the freshest food possible while keeping your stress and headaches to a minimum.

The Right Tools for the Job

Making sure your kitchen is set up for food preparation is the first step to providing your dog fresh and healthy food. Some tools that you might need include a vegetable peeler, a very sharp knife, and a potato masher.


A food processor will also make your life significantly easier. Instead of breaking down the protein, vegetables, and grains individually, the pulse setting on a food processor will quickly and easily combine your ingredients and save you time.


You need to be sure you have a sanitary work space and tools set aside that are just for the preparation of your dog’s food. Cross-contamination is a serious concern, but you can be safe by thoroughly washing and sanitizing your cutting board, utensils, and cookware before using them to make human food again.

Meal Prep!

Weekly meal preparation is a common strategy many people use to avoid the stress of trying to figure out what to eat for dinner each and every night. The idea is that you pick 1 day a week to prepare large quantities of food, and then separate it out into individual daily portions.


This exact same strategy can also make preparing your dog’s fresh food much easier. Just the same as human food, fresh dog food can be prepared days in advance and stored safely in either your refrigerator or freezer until it’s ready to be eaten.


This not only applies to your dog’s meals, but also for their treats and biscuits. Dried meats, frozen cubes of broth, and baked dog biscuits can be made in large batches which will help to limit the amount of work that goes into the preparation.

Finding the Right Recipes

Providing your dog fresh and healthy food is as easy as looking up a simple recipe. With the rising popularity of fresh pet food, finding healthy and nutritious recipes for your dog is easier than ever. Finding a trusted recipe for food takes the guesswork out of meal preparation and ensures that your dog is getting the nutrition they need.


If you are interested in spending the time, the internet is full of guides, breakdowns, and communities that are dedicated to sharing homemade pet food recipes. These are helpful because they offer in depth discussion and are usually able to answer specific questions you might have. 


That being said, if you would rather get access to quick and reliable recipes, cookbooks are also a great option. Many world famous chefs prepare food for their dog’s themselves, and you can find recipes from chefs such as Thomas Keller, Sebastien Rouxel, and Georges Perrier.

Delivery for Dogs?

The last several years has seen the rise of many popular meal kit services. The idea is that food is delivered directly to your door, either for immediate consumption or with a recipe and instructions on how to make the meal. Luckily, a number of similar services also now exist for dog food.


Fresh dog food delivery is a cheap and accessible way to provide healthy, nutritious, and fresh for your dog. If you find it difficult to set aside the time, or you dislike the idea of handling raw protein, paying a service to deliver wholesome food for your pooch is a great alternative. This way, you can be sure that your dog is getting the nutrition it needs while avoiding 100% of the hassle, mess, and clean-up required of doing it yourself.

Does My Dog Need Fresh Food?

Part of being a responsible dog owner is taking the time to ensure your pet’s health, happiness and nutrition. One way to do this is to painstakingly read every ingredient on the dog food label at the grocery store so you can be sure your dog isn’t getting something it shouldn’t.


You can also skip over all the chemicals, additives, and suspicious food preservatives by feeding your dog fresh food. This can mean that you take the time to prepare all of their meals yourself, or it can also mean having high quality food delivered directly to your door. The most important thing is that you know where your dog’s food comes from, who made it, and exactly what ingredients it contains.

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