Finding a Solar Panel Company You Can Trust

Many individuals and companies are looking to take advantage of the responsible consumer stepping up to do their part in expanding renewable energy usage. Buying and installing solar panels is already a confusing process, made all the more difficult by those masquerading as a legitimate business who can do nothing of the sort for you. Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself from fraudsters in the solar power industry.

Some things to be aware of before you start your search include the necessary steps to protect yourself. There are many types of scams that are commonly used on unsuspecting consumers. Check with your country’s equivalent of a Better Business Bureau. A BBB allows you to see a company’s reviews and average public opinion. Companies like Solar Panels Adelaide will have positive reviews, and charitable human interaction just like any other company should have after doing years of reputable work with consumers. 

You should also never expect to pay the full cost upfront or more than a four-figure deposit. If a company requests these things, look into them further before you decide. A solar power company needs to be licensed and insured to protect itself from financial harm if an accident occurs and the consumer as well. Verify licensing first before moving forward. 

Any quotes from a solar power company should list the total price as well as price per watt of panels. This quote should not have incentives or money-back offers deducted before the sale. Along with the quote, be sure to obtain an estimate of estimated electricity production from prospective companies.

When searching for a solar power company to buy and install panels beware of companies that claim to be official partners with the Department of Energy or Australian Energy Regulator (or the equivalent in your country). Even though this sounds very convincing and reputable, it is not an option and, therefore, not true.

There is another scam at the moment that is concerning for consumers. After finally agreeing, signing papers, and paying, some fraudulent solar power companies make sure the installation will never happen. Their third party contractors don’t exist and do not show up to install the solar power system you allegedly just bought. This makes it so vital that you check with and meet every party involved in purchasing, producing, and installing your solar power system and panels.

One of the easiest ones to fall for is in the form of unsolicited mail or calls. These fraudulent companies make their success off tricking consumers who already have a solar power system, believing that they are a reputable company that only wants to help them save money. These companies reel in owners by calling about worn out or malfunctioning parts in their solar power systems. They may excite owners by promising to enhance their solar power system’s performance for a small fee. 

Another tactic is to try to sell extended warranties on the solar power systems in place. Be aware of these scams and report this type of action to authorities immediately to prevent others from falling for their lies.