Tips for Getting Your Car Prepared for Using a Car Transport Service

Tips for Getting Your Car Prepared for Using a Car Transport Service

You are a car owner, and you’ve decided to ship your vehicle to its required destination. Maybe you are using an auto hauler for transportation; you need to get your car prepared for shipping.

Why is this important? A car is a valuable and expensive asset; you, therefore, need a convenient and more reliable transport service to help you in the shipping process. However, before the car is shipped, it must be prepared adequately for the car transport service. Here are some of the helpful tips:

Wash Your Car

The exterior of your car should be properly washed with clean water. Before a driver is sent to pick up your vehicle, a report about the vehicle’s condition will be written. It is a report concerning the current state of your car, including some of its complications.

We advise car owners to clean their vehicles to make it easier for the report to be written. When the car is clean, it is easier to notice any form of damages.

Take Pictures of Your Car

The second step after cleaning your car is taking pictures of it in that condition. The pictures should be of high quality. The date of photography should be included in the picture. The picture has to be a general picture and not just of damaged parts. The photo has to be taken at varied positions. Pictures are essential and serve as evidence for compensation if your vehicle is damaged in the course of transportation.

Odometer’s Photo

Most car owners do not know why it is essential to take a picture of your car’s odometer. The reason is some drivers may take your vehicle for a car ride. To prevent the risk, have a picture of the odometer before the driver picks the car.

Clean the Interior of Your Car

Often, our cars are shipped by trailers. They tend to bounce up and down, causing damage to or loosening some parts of your vehicle. You must remove any loose item inside your car, which may be at risk of damaging. Some of the things are GPS trackers, DVD players, phone holders, and car chargers. By removing the items, you will be minimizing any risks of theft or property loss during shipping.

Secure Accessories

Securing your accessories help prevents the risk of damage. The accessories in this context are things like bike racks and custom spoilers, to name a few. In case your car has an antenna, do not forget to remove it and store it at your car’s trunk. Also, fold your side mirrors if it is possible.

Closely Monitor Your Tires, Battery and Radiator

Your battery and radiator should not only be secure but also fully charged. Ensure the car’s tires are inflated.

Fluid Leaks

Examine your car for any fluid leaks. In case of any leaks, fix the problem before your vehicle is picked up for shipping. You can notify the driver if your car has any minor leaks. Cars with leak problems are put at the trailer’s bottom row to prevent drips on the vehicles below.

You Need to Know the Condition of Your Engine

The condition of your engine helps to determine the working state of your car. If your vehicle has any problems regarding its engine, kindly let the driver know. An inoperable vehicle faces extra charges; it’s advisable to make sure your car is in an excellent working state.

Disable Alarm

Make sure the car alarm is off to avoid causing a distraction to the driver during shipping.

Make Sure Your Car Is Insured

Insurance serves as a cover to your car in case of damages; the insurance will be responsible for the repairs.

Follow these tips for getting your car prepared for transport and avoid the final minute rush.

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