DIY Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects To Do At Home

DIY Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects To Do At Home

If you are like most people who have been stuck at home for the past several months due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely you and your family are getting a bit bored with one another. While it is great spending time with family and even your pets, it is still nice to have something new and exciting to work on at home until things return to normal. If you enjoy crafts or have always wanted to give them a try, now is the perfect time to unleash the inner crafter within you. To do so, start by trying some of these fun DIY heat transfer vinyl projects on your own or with help from family and friends.




For many crafters who love DIY heat transfer vinyl projects to do at home, t-shirts are always some of the most fun. Always allowing for plenty of creativity, you can do virtually anything you wish with a plain t-shirt. If you are ready to see 2020 ride off into the sunset and are looking forward to 2021 in a few months, you can use Siser Glitter Champagne Heat Transfer Vinyl to create a New Year’s Eve t-shirt you’ll love for years to come.


Throw Pillows


In your home, you probably have more than your share of plain pillows on your couch, bed, and other areas. While they may look nice, they can be given plenty of razzle dazzle by way of heat transfer vinyl. Once you gather your supplies which will include Siser Glitter Gold Confetti, Siser Stripflock Pro in Red, and use cut files featuring Budmo and Mothica fonts, you’ll be ready to turn any and all throw pillows you possess into sparkling new creations.


Decorative Glassware


While you may think heat transfer vinyl projects are limited mainly to clothing, pillows, and other similar items, that is not the case at all. In fact, if you’re ready for a slightly more challenging DIY project, you can try your hand at decorating glassware. Whether you want to celebrate holidays such as Christmas, personalize your favorite glass, or add a message of hope to some glasses that will keep you and your family inspired and optimistic during the pandemic, you can do so. For this DIY project, you will need a few more supplies. As for the vinyl types, you’ll need Siser PSV Permanent Holly Berry, Alligator, and Golden, along with Glitter Adhesive Castle Rock to give your project the sparkle it deserves. As for the cut files you can use, Star Image and the fonts Anchor Jack, Hello Wedding, Blow Brush, and Big Frost Plain are always popular.


Party Banner


Whether you want to celebrate a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion, doing so with a customized party banner using heat transfer vinyl will be a great way to liven up the festivities. Since you will want your banner to stand out to everyone, it is best to use bright bold colors that catch everyone’s eye. Along with this, be sure to add plenty of silver and gold to give it a perfect finishing touch. If you want to tackle this project, your cut file will be an Art Deco font. As for your vinyl types, try Glitter Adhesive Glimmery Gold and Adhesive Silver, along with the Patterned Adhesive Neon Paint Splatter and Starry Night.


Party Favors


Finally, you can use heat transfer vinyl to add something special to various types of party favors. One of the best projects you can try is taking a glass bowl that maybe has been the centerpiece of a table and turning it into a bowl that will truly stand out to everyone. Whether you want to say “Happy New Year” or “There’s No Place Like Home,” you can do it by using the Good Feeling font cut file, Patterned Adhesive Cosmic Star Dust, Glitter Adhesive Glimmery Gold, and Siser Glitter HTV Champagne.