How staffing agencies are helping to bring down the unemployment rate

It’s hard to recall the last time a global event has devastated the world wide economy and employment rate as much as the Covid-19 epidemic and outbreak has. Because of the national mandates and mandatory quarantine that has been enforced in so many different countries around the world, workers were unable to continue in their occupation and many had to be let go. If your work couldn’t be done from home and you were not deemed “essential” by the government, it’s more than likely that you were let go.

However, because of the offset of trends, some industries began to flourish. Delivery services and companies skyrocketed and began looking for new workers to keep up with their ever growing backlog of work. Online stores such as Amazon began having more and more orders coming in, because people couldn’t leave home but were looking for new products. A friend of mine owns a furniture delivery company, where he manufactures, sells, and delivers furniture. He told me that this business has never done so well. Mainly because they also sell desks and when companies began telling their employees to work from home, they needed a desk and would begin looking online to order one.

The hard part of this whole circumstance is that these corporations need a larger workforce to keep up with their mandates, and those who were previously laid off of their work don’t know which direction to look in order to find new employment. To solve this problem, my friend with the furniture delivery company contacted a staffing agency, imploring them to find him additional workers to keep up with this new mandate. A staffing agency is a private third-party agency that connects workers or those looking for employment with companies or corporations looking to hire on new bodies. They are commonly referred to as “temp agencies,” because they provide a temporary work force. This being said, the work offered isn’t always temporary. If both parties feel like the other is a good fit for them, it’s not uncommon for the new worker to be hired on indefinitely.

These staffing agencies  also do their best to make the process as simple as possible. If you want a great example, search “Staffing agencies Portland Oregon”. All you need to do is visit one of their websites and input your experience, preferred lapse of time of employment, and area of preferred employment and they’ll find suitable work for you. This is one of the main reasons they are helping to bring down unemployment. Because of its simplistic nature, anyone can go on and find temporary work during these troubling times. One of the best features that’s incredibly applicable to today’s struggles is that of a preferred work time. A lot of us are simply waiting until we can go back to our career once it opens again and need work until that time.