Bishop Rings: Another Big Thing in Fashion

We all want something out there when it comes to fashion. It helps us stand out, gain recognition as sharp dressers, draw in attention, and, ultimately, feel good. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of jewelry since a little piece of metal can make or break your entire look. When picking accessories, besides considering how well they complement your style, you need to make sure they are clearly visible and worthy of note. In this regard, you have two options: either to go with a formidable item (size-wise) or opt for noteworthy symbolism. 

But what if we tell you that you can have both at the same time without your jewelry being ‘in your face’? This is possible if you adorn your hands with an amethyst bishop ring.

What Are Bishop Rings?

For centuries, Bishop rings have been worn by Catholic bishops. These types of rings denote a bishop’s belonging to church and emphasize his mission of spreading God’s word. But we are here not to talk about religion. The reason why Bishop rings are another big thing in fashion is their spectacular appearance. 

Made in the form of a signet, these rings combine elegance and luxury. They are big enough to supply admired looks in spades but, at the same time, tackiness doesn’t tag along. The most lovable part about these rings is a large amethyst stone insert in the middle. While its facets multiply radiance, its noble purple color keeps the eyes glued to it whenever you go. 

Of course, in the fashion alteration, Bishop rings have no religious underlying. Those are not like crosses or crucifixes, which can be worn by everybody as long as they are believers. Original bishop (also called Episcopal) rings were designed for clergy, so if you’d like to keep the religious meaning, you would have to become a bishop. Religion aside, bishop rings are just snazzy and attractive pieces that just happen to be inspired by clerical jewelry. 

Ecclesiastical rings, although they have undergone a few changes in the course of centuries, remain more or less the same – large, gold, and featuring an amethyst gem. However, fashion is the opposite of constancy, so it comes as no surprise that introduced its modifications to the design. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Bishop Rings for Men and Women

Traditionally, Catholic bishops are men (luckily, we’ve been seeing more and more women gaining important roles within the church) so ecclesiastical rings are originally designed for men. In jewelry, however, both genders are equal, so you can find as many women’s rings as men’s. The differences, besides the ring sizes, can be seen in designs – items for ladies tend to be more ornate and sophisticated. At the same, the majority of Bishop rings carry a unisex design, so you, or partner, and your friends, whether you prefer pants or skirts, can wear the same piece of jewelry on your fingers. 

Gold and Silver Bishop Rings

If you look at clergy clothes and jewelry, you will notice that they are extravagant, lavish, and expensive-looking. Projecting all these features on bishop rings, we get luxurious pieces of jewelry, and nothing is more luxurious than gold. 

Of course, costume jewelry doesn’t have to stick to all the canons; therefore, both gold and silver pieces are available in abundance. Silver will look great as an everyday ornament, especially if you go with a modest piece in terms of size. Besides, silver always blends well with cold-colored gems (blue, green, and purple), and amethysts fall exactly into this category. 

Gold bishop rings are an excellent choice for special occasions. A pretty massive ring made of gold and embellished with a large gem will definitely cost a pretty penny. Therefore, its relevance with everyday ensembles might be in question. Yet, if you want to have an accent on your fingers while choosing moderation in your attire, there is nothing wrong in flaunting such a ring on a daily basis.


The compromise between costly gold and discreet silver rings is gold-plated pieces. Nobody would be able to tell that such an ornament has a silver core. But you will know that you didn’t have to break the bank to afford it. 


Amethyst and Other Gems


Amethyst is a gemstone of purity. Ancient Romans considered it to be a blessed stone while in Christianity, it is known as the stone of the Apostle Matthew. Amethyst has been used to embellish crosses, altars, cups, and church utensils, so it’s no wonder that it made an appearance in clergy jewelry as well. 


Jewelers enjoy its crisp purple color and sparkling quality, and it still remains the number one choice when it comes to encrusting. However, if for any reason you don’t like amethysts, you can easily find a beautiful ring with a ruby or garnet, sapphire, or emerald. Some models, instead of a single large stone may feature several small ones arranged as a cross or a Christian symbol. Or vice versa, in addition to a centerpiece jewel, many rings showcase a wreath of clear stones to enhance its radiance.


The shape and cut may also vary. The traditional shape is oval because it resembles a halo but if you prefer round, marquise, cushion, or any other form, you won’t have a shortage of options. The heart is probably the only shape that isn’t inherent in bishop rings. 


See, you have so many options to explore if the idea of a bishop ring tickles your fancy. Wowing passers-by is so easy when you have such as amazing and awe-inspiring accessory. 

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