Ryan Rock, of Ankeny Iowa Answers 5 Questions That Reveal Whether You’re an Effective Leader

The reality of business is that not all leaders are adequately fit for their job. Great managers and leaders are hard to come by for many companies in competitive recruiting industries because not everyone can be one. For those who want to determine whether they are in shape to be a proactive team-head, a self-assessment of leadership skills can reveal the answer.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny, Iowa resident and President of Empire AG, LLC, knows what it takes to build and lead a company and team efficiently. He suggests for people who want to analyze their leadership skills to ask themselves these five questions to decide where they stand:

Question #1: How do you set goals to enhance leadership skills?

Setting personal goals is critical for an effective leader. Great leaders must know how to set goals for themselves and their teams. Research goal-setting strategies, and test a few out on yourself before applying the methodology in a team setting.

Question #2: Are you generally a positive or negative person?

The human brain is prone to negative thinking, but optimistic people usually serve as good leaders. Research has consistently shown that happy people make more effective leaders. Optimistic people have the power to motivate others through their positivity and cup-half-full outlook on life as they help others push past negative thoughts. Positive, motivated individuals are often more receptive to constructive criticism in the workplace. Effective leaders always look for ways to improve themselves and their teammates due to the value they hold for their position, the company, and their co-workers.


Question #3: How do you approach conflict?

Conflict management is another key leadership quality. Companies want leaders who can resolve a disagreement while preventing a more massive issue. People who create more tension or add to the already existing conflict should not be leading a team. Problem-solving and communication are two skills to target when learning how to handle conflict appropriately.


Question #4: Are you afraid of change?

Zenger/Folkman, a leadership development consultancy, performed a study on over sixty-five thousand participating leaders to reveal that younger managers are perceived as more effective than older ones. Why? Younger managers are more accepting of change, often welcoming it and its challenges with open arms. Flexibility and adaptation are critical leadership skills.

Question #5: Why would people follow your leadership?

This question is often asked in interviews for upper management positions. Such a question poses an opportunity to reflect on your leadership style. Effective leaders analyze their industry and what strategies best motivate the individuals that they manage. The keys to good leadership are keeping others engaged and assisting in their continuous growth.

About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa native, successfully maintains a proactive work, family, and life balance. During his college career, Rock balanced multiple activities, which also forced him to categorize his priorities. Rock’s time-management and prioritizing skills allow his company, Empire AG, LLC, to take up multiple projects and deliver quality work.

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