DJ’s corner: James Haidak’s tips on how to stay happy and productive during the pandemic

Hi, guys!  James Haidak here.  As a DJ, I empathize with all the performers around the world who haven’t had the chance to perform in front of crowds.  I know how it feels to miss doing something you love so much.  


Over the past few months, I’ve seen some performers and musicians over social media perform a set or two, but they will be the first to admit that although it’s fun, it’s not the same.  


In fact, I know some performers, musicians, and even DJs who have been hit hard by the pandemic, and not just financially.  Some of them have also admitted to feeling depressed, since performing a significant outlet for them.


Today, I want to share a few tips on how to stay happy and productive to DJs everywhere who might be feeling down and out.


First of all, and this is one of the James Haidak principles – stay busy.  Build up a routine with clear and defined goals.  Now, your goals can be both short and long term.  Try focusing on short-term goals first.  Achieving them will bring you relief and, to a degree, peace of mind, I promise you.


Next up, instead of spending so much time on both social media and the news, both of which are sources of depressing information, look over at the things that you as a DJ might need improvement.  Whether it’s music production or scratching, there’s always something about your craft that you can improve.


In between sessions of practicing your DJ-ing and perfecting the craft, take the time to inject some positivity into your thoughts.  Go to your window.  Look out.  Appreciate the clear weather and the beauty of the city in which you live.  


Now, back in your home studio, practice more and record the stuff you come up with.  You’ll never know that you’ve probably just created a track with a lot of potentials.  If not, you can use your tracks to criticize your own style and look for more areas for improvement.  


Focus on the specifics of the craft such as scratching, dropping tracks in sync with the fader, adjusting the pitch fader without nudging the platter, getting the settings right, and increasing your adherence to a single genre or vibe for a specific amount of time.


Do all these on a regular basis, and you’ll notice just how much you’ve improved when the time comes for you to perform in front of a club again.  That’s a James Haidak guarantee.