Planning a Fun After-Baby Shower

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. She gets to experience a new life growing inside of her and the thrill of planning for a new addition to the family. However, it can be a stressful time as well, and there are many things that a pregnant woman must give up during pregnancy. If you are looking to throw something other than a traditional baby shower for one of your pregnant friends, consider having an after-baby shower where you give gifts that the mother can use after the baby is born. Consider these gifts that are perfect for the occasion. 


Pregnant women are advised to abstain from all forms of alcohol during pregnancy, and your friend may be missing a glass of wine now and then. You can buy her a bottle of her favorite bubbly to celebrate her new baby after it is born. If she is planning to breastfeed, you can get her some type of non-alcoholic sparkling beverage to ease the craving.

Vape Products

If your pregnant pal liked to vape before getting pregnant, she might appreciate a gift card to She can pick out her very own products and have something to look forward to after the baby is delivered. It can make the process of birth less daunting when there are things to look forward to when it is over. 

New Clothes

Many women lament the change in their bodies during pregnancy, but make sure that you are there to support your friend 100%. You can buy her new clothes to wear after the baby is born that will flatter her body type. If you do not feel comfortable picking out the clothing yourself, buy a gift card to her favorite online retailer. That way, she never has to leave her home to get the things she needs. She can sit on the couch holding her brand new bundle of joy while choosing a new wardrobe!

Being there for your friend during pregnancy is important. Although it is a beautiful time, it can also be overwhelming. She likely needs as much help and love as she can get right now. Throwing a shower that celebrates her will help her feel like the goddess that she is, and you can show her that she has plenty of support from her friends and family during pregnancy and also after the baby is born.



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