Best Dog Breeds for Family Pets

Dogs make excellent family pets. They’re easy to train animals that offer many hours of loving companionship for adults and children alike. One of the most amazing things about dogs is they come in so many types. Parents can feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right dog breed for their personal circumstances. Some breeds are clearly more suited for family life than others. These particular breeds are noteworthy for their suitability for all different kinds of families. Whichever breed you choose, make sure you take proper care of them and sign up for a pet plan (look into Bivvy)

Golden Retriever

The Golden is one of the most beloved breeds of all time. There’s lots of reasons why. These gentle giants respond well to commands. This is why you’ll see them doing everything from police work to serving as guide dogs for the blind. Bring one home and you’ll be delighted with just how well they settle in your home. Goldens are fabulous with children. They can spend hours playing catch in any backyard. Make sure you get them properly trained before they come home. A few obedience lessons with the whole family are a great way to ensure this loyal pet listens to you.


The lean, elegant and noble greyhound has long been a cherished breed. George Washington esteemed them. Today, greyhounds are often seen on the racing track. Many organizations allow people to adopt a greyhound once their racing days are over. Adopting an older greyhound is a wonderful way to add to your family. They’re trained by the track workers before entering your house to settle down happily. Greyhounds love a good gallop once a day. The rest of the day they’re happy to relax on a pillow in front of the fire. They’ll lick favorite treats like peanut butter right from your fingers.


Poodles consistently rank at the top of the scales when it comes to canine intelligence. Families can choose from three different sizes but they’re all the same fun dog ready to romp at any time. The coat seen in show rinks makes them look as if they need lots of care but that’s not true. At home, all they need is a casual brushing and grooming once a month. The poodle’s coat is very easy on the senses even for allergy sufferers. These are just some of the reasons they’re the ideal animal for any family’s plans.

Royal Frenchel Bulldog

These dogs are small. Don’t let that fool you. They’re a sturdy, healthy breed with a long lifespan. Children love them because they’re child sized. Adults adore this breed because they’re easy to care for in any setting. This is a good choice for families that live in an inner city apartment. The Royal Frenchel fits right in no matter how much space you have. They love to snuggle under the bed sheets or on the couch in the middle of a storm. If you want a walk in the park, they’ll follow along. They’re easy to train and adopt to any climate from snow to high heat.

English Springer Spaniel

Several types of springer spaniels have been carefully bred by highly selective dog lovers. Springers are so named because they spring up when playing catch. They’re very responsive to training methods and happy to be part of your family life. They’re also very beautiful animals with a long feathery coat. Springers are perfect for those families that love to engage in all kinds of outdoor activities. If you enjoy spending hours jogging each week and then head to the beach on weekends, this is the breed for you and your family.