Get To Know the Brinks Home Security System Pilot Program for Kynect Associates

Brinks Home Security is one of the most trusted security companies in the United States. Together with Kynect, they have created a powerful partnership to empower Associates and their networks like never before.

Right now, Brinks Home Security is conducting a pilot program for Kynect Associates in Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas. This pilot program may be extended to further cities before launching nationwide, but is currently restricted to these areas.


Why Brinks Home Security?

It’s simple: Brinks Home Security is known for the same values as Kynect. Brinks Home Security is the second largest home security company in the United States. They are a full service vendor for sales and installation services and are known for providing customers with fast response times when they need help the most.

In an emergency, every second matters.

  • Burglaries happen in the United States every 23 seconds. Even if your customer receives a warning on your phone, they may be unable to take action in time. Thus, your customers need comprehensive, action-oriented solutions.
  • Over 4,000 home fire deaths happen a year. In 3 ½ minutes, a home can get as hot as 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is silent and deadly – and time is of the essence in the event of a leak.

A comprehensive security system can also help your customers save money on homeowners’ insurance. Though savings varies by insurer, many customers save as much as 20 percent by adding a security system, and new add-ons and options can increase this number as well.

A modern security system does more than simply providing security, too. It gives customers a dashboard including vital security and home safety information but also allows them to automate their homes, get a clear sense of energy usage and environmental conditions, and become truly aware of who visits their homes, when, and why. This is a huge selling point for many customers, especially if they have elderly parents, teenage children, cleaners, or caregivers coming and going.

Furthermore, they are celebrated for incredible customer service. Brinks Home Security has been rated number one in customer satisfaction among professionally installed home security systems two years in a row by JD Power & Associates.


The Offer

Kynect Associates now have access to an incredible package from Brinks Home Security, including:

  • IQ Panel
  • 2 motions sensors
  • 3 door and window sensors
  • Video doorbell
  • Yard signs and window stickers
  • Free installation
  • Brinks Home Security mobile app

When Associates choose this package for themselves, they receive a one-time $200 bonus in their commission check 30 days later.

To walk Associates through the benefits of this program, Manager of Sales Training Darrell Muehler put together an extensive presentation on this partnership and what’s available.


Important Background Information

Brinks Home Security is not a division of Brinks, the armored car company. However, Brinks Home Security does have a 25 year license to do business as Brinks Home Security. Thus, all Associates selling this solution must say “Brinks Home Security” or “Brinks Home” to avoid voiding this license agreement.

Brinks Home Security’s primary function is security monitoring. The company is not a manufacturer of security equipment. Brinks Home Security equipment available to Kynect Associates is produced by Quality of Life Systems, better known as QOLSYS, and the Brinks Home Security app is a private label edition of a solution by

Brinks Home Security also wants all Kynect Associates to know not to contact existing Brinks Home employees asking them to join their networks, as well as to avoid converting existing Brinks Home customers.


About the Equipment

The QOLSYS IQ II is an extremely user friendly home security system. It has a 7” color touchscreen with large icons for ease of use, as well as Dual Path technology for fast protection. This means that in the event of an incident, your customer’s security system can contact authorities via cellular and Wi-Fi, with communications taking place on whichever line connects first.

It includes a number of other remarkable features:

  • Bluetooth disarming – your customer’s phone can communicate directly with their security system to disarm as they walk into the property, a huge benefit when they’re coming home with hands full of groceries (or anything else).
  • Glass break sensors – in the event that the alarm system hears the sound of breaking glass from as far as 30 feet away, it can activate, alerting you and the police as needed.
  • Cameras with facial recognition to show customers who armed or disarmed their security system
  • Emergency voice communications, allowing for easy relay to emergency dispatchers
  • Individual, time-limited codes for family members and workers – great for customers who have dog walkers, nurses, or others who need to get inside at specific times
  • Compatibility with up to 256 Z wave devices allows customers to automate Christmas lights, thermostat, home lighting, and much more
  • Door sensors that can inform customers when doors are opened and closed
  • 30’ by 30’ motion sensors
  • Slimline, motion sensing doorbell with night vision, live streaming, 2-way audio, and cloud recording options with searchable history
  • Wireless flood detection to prevent leaks
  • Outdoor video cameras to record suspicious activity
  • Door locks, smart levers, and more

Each of these components includes an easy to follow reference sheet to help your customer get accustomed to using these devices.



Add-ons do not come in the subsidized Kynect package. Payment is required in full for add-ons at the time of sale, and they are collected by the home security order fulfillment team. That said, they are installed for free if purchased alongside the rest of the package.

Furthermore, your customers should note that installing over 4 devices increases monthly costs by $10.


Purchasing and ordering

Each Brinks Home Security package consists of all-new equipment. Customers agree to a 36 month contract with a locked rate. They can choose to undergo a credit check, put $0 down, and pay $49 a month, or skip the credit check, pay $399 down, and $39 a month after that.

To order, customers simply need to confirm eligibility, enter their contact info, submit the form, and choose add-ons. Payments are processed and equipment is sent after.

These packages are also backed by a 30-day risk free guarantee. If the equipment is returned within 30 days, all agreements, plus any initial purchase costs, are refunded and voided.

Kynect strongly recommends that Associates take this pilot program as an opportunity to get to know the system, be amazed at what it can do, and use this personal experience to help sell as the service launches nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should Associates talk about their customers’ possible savings?

A: Kynect and Brinks Home Security recommend that Associates tell customers that they can save a percentage on their homeowners’ insurance, but to check with their insurance companies. Keep this message somewhat generic.


Q: Do customers need a landline?

A: No. The security system has its own SIM card for cellular connections and can also make contact using Wi-Fi or VoIP.


Q: When will Associates be receive additional training materials?

A: Additional training materials will be available as the service goes wide, or possibly if the pilot program is expanded into new markets.


Q: When do qualification points and other bonuses kick in?

A: These will all impact your overall standing within Kynect when this service launches nationwide?


Q: Are add-ons easy to manually install?

A: Some, including indoor cameras, are. Brinks Home Security recommends that outdoor cameras be installed by professionals, as wires will need to be run from outside into your home.


Q: Can add-ons from a previous security system be integrated with this system?

A: If they are Z Wave compatible, yes.


Q: Is this service available for businesses?

A: This service is intended for residential customers and small businesses with a square footage of less than 5000.


Q: When should I contact Kynect Associate Support?

A: Please do not contact Kynect Associate Support unless a webform is not working.