John Eilermann St Louis And Why Moving Away From Home Is The Best Way

My buddy John and I used to talk all the time about moving away when we grew up and once I was 21 I couldn’t wait to get gone. For my buddy John Eilermann St Louis was where he stayed for a great many years, and try as I might, he never really wanted to leave. I totally respected John’s opinions of course, he is very much a man who knows what he wants and how to make himself happy, and living in his bible was exactly what did that. Now John may have found happiness in doing what he did, but thousands like him don’t, and this is why it is so vital to get away from home, even if it is just for a short while. 

Open Mind

One of the most important benefits which you can count on when you move away from your comfortable bubble, is that you will find that you have a far more open mind. The reason for this is because you are meeting more people, you are learning about different ways of doing things and you are putting yourself in a situation where you simply cannot be narrow minded. 


When you grow up around the same people and you are used to seeing the same people, you are used to acting in a certain way. This is something which we don’t do intentionally it is just the way in which we act around familiarity. When you move somewhere new and you move away from your bubble, you are able to be whoever you wish and that means that you end up recognizing different parts of your personality which perhaps you didn’t know that you had. 


Something which I most certainly recognized in me after I had moved away was a new confidence which was a wonderful feeling. The reason for this additional confidence is that everything is new and you need to actively go out and speak to people in order to make friends or fit into the community. If you stay in your home town then this ends up being very simple because you have grown up around many of those who you live with, but when you don’t and you are somewhere that you have never been to before, you have to step out of your comfort zone and that is something which really does breed a great deal of confidence. 

Loving Home

I moved away from St Louis because I was just bored of seeing the same things all the time, since I have moved away however I have really learned to appreciate that place and when I go back now it really fills me with an enormous sense of happiness. It is not until you move away from your home that you recognize how much you actually do love it. 

If you have been thinking about getting away from the bubble, my recommendation is to go for it. 

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