How to Find the Perfect Dresses For Your Bridal Party

How to Find the Perfect Dresses For Your Bridal Party

The adventurous journey of choosing the right bridesmaids’ dresses is central in determining the success of any wedding. As a bride, you have to come up with dresses that complement your gown rather than drawing attention away from you. You also have to get dresses that fit every maid’s size, shape, and color. Listed below are some helpful tips that will aid you in finding the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses.


  1. Do Your Research Diligently


Browsing through the internet will expose you to many different bridesmaid dresses. The research will open up your mind to a variety of styles, and you will be spoilt of choice. Besides, you will have wide access to bridal salons that have great discounts and deals. Valuable information could also be found in magazines, pamphlets, and leaflets from retailers who sell bridesmaid dresses. Saving images of dresses that look appealing will help you figure out the styles and colors you like best.


  1. Discuss the Cost of the Dresses with the Bridesmaids


The question of whether or not the bridesmaids should pay for their dresses remains ambiguous. Some people argue that the bride should cover the total cost since the bridesmaids have little or no contribution to the dresses’ style. Moreover, the bridesmaids do not volunteer but are chosen by the bride.


On the other hand, some people suggest that the bridesmaids should cover the cost of their dresses since the bride has the whole wedding cost weighing her down. Additionally, she has her dress to purchase, which is expensive. Therefore, it is prudent to choose what works best for you and your maids’ financial situation.


  1. Choosing the Color


The dress color is an important aspect to consider since the bridesmaids’ hair coloring and skin tones vary significantly. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose dresses that complement the bride’s gown. Color tones that suit everybody, such as grey, mint, coral, and teal, are highly recommended. Below are some tips to help you settle on the perfect color.


  • Matching dresses

Matching bridesmaids’ dresses are the most common wedding theme. This originated from ancient Rome with the intention of confusing ill-intended suitors. Nowadays, brides and their maids choose matching dresses to achieve a uniform, consistent look.


  • Similar color, different styles

As a bride, you should keep in mind that every bridesmaid has a different sense of style and body type. Different styles of the dresses enhance the maids’ confidence as they are comfortable in the dresses. To ensure color uniformity, you should limit the maids to one designer.


  • Mix and match bridesmaids dresses

This is the most recent trend in the majority of weddings. Usually, the bride can mix and match two colors and allow the maids to choose either of the colors. The colors should be of the same style to maintain uniformity.


  1. Shop Accordingly


Every bride deserves an enjoyable shopping experience. The shopping will significantly depend on the bride’s personality. If you are undecided about the style and color of the dresses, you should go for a group shopping with your maids. The bridesmaids’ suggestions can help you settle on what you want.


However, if you have strong opinions and are entitled to them, it is advisable to shop alone. The maids could have a lot of conflicting opinions leading to arguments and wastage of time. To avoid this, you could bring along the chief bridesmaid and email the maids what you settled on.


  1. Order The Dresses Early Enough


Ordering the bridesmaids dresses early enough will give them ample time to fit in and make the necessary alterations to the dresses. It is recommended to order the dresses three to six months before the wedding. Doing this advance will ensure that the maids are comfortable in their dresses, and there will be no last-minute rushes.


Having frequent and open communications with your bridesmaids is essential in finding the perfect dresses for your maids. Asking for the maids’ opinions when choosing the color and styles of the dresses is also vital. Lastly, remember to settle for dresses that leave you and your bridesmaids happy and satisfied.

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